There Is a Field Beyond

God said:

Feeling bored is the same as feeling tired of. Some movement of joy is missing, and you may attribute it to something on the outside. Even when you may be incessantly doing a repetitive act, I am within, and joy can be yours and, therefore, not missing.
On the other hand, feeling bored can be a prod to tell you to move on. Maybe you aren’t in the right place for you at this time. In this case, you can take feeling bored as a loving note in life.
You are in the midst of treasure. You are going through a treasure chest filled with diamonds and rubies for the asking. All the treasures are yours. In this world of many attractions, having so much to distract you from finding yourself, you may look for more to be offered to you from the world.
Your search for something more in life may become superficial. A further search for entertainment is not necessarily moving forward. It may well be that your soul is searching to engage you on a higher plane. Jewels, for example, just won’t suffice any more. You may have outgrown jewels. They may have become humdrum, and a new jewel just doesn’t work its magic any longer.  
Feeling bored can be a signal or a symptom. In either case, there is a direction for you to move on in.
In one sense, how can you be bored in the midst of a world with all the colors of the rainbow and more shades within? How can you be bored when the world spins and the sun warms you? How can you be bored in a world that is changing every minute? The world isn’t responsible for your stance in the world.
Rise with the sun, and do somersaults.
It is not that you change for the sake of changing. There is nothing for you to prove. At the same time, you don’t seek to take flight incessantly. Yet, either way, life will work it all out for you. You need neither to seek high adventure or frequent upheaval or diversity any more than you need to seek to stay exactly where you are without cease.
In any case, life will take care of you. You will come to the point where you discover that you are the diviner of your life. You are the one who opens the door, and you are the one who closes it. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how or where or when or who, you are the one in your shoes. What direction are you running in? Where does your liveliness lie? Within you.  
You are the maker of happiness, beloveds. Like a chef, you have all the ingredients in your pantry to make any dish you like. Let’s say you are making a cake. You may decorate it magnificently, yet what matters most is not what the cake looks like but rather how it tastes. Embellishment is one thing. Everyone can ooh and ah over the pretty picture your cake presents, yet that is not the issue. The proof is in the pudding, and what the world says is spectacular may not be spectacular to you. You can win a prize, and, the next day, its glow palls.
You can take all the courses in the world, you can watch all the movies, and read all the books. You can shake celebrities’ hands. You may be a celebrity yourself. Only so much can you find on the outside, beloveds. Only so much. There is a field beyond, and you are seeking it. You will find it within you. The outside satisfies for only a time.
And, now, I will contradict what I just said. Once you find what you are seeking, that which can only be found within, then you will see how beautiful everything in the outside really is.