The Wiring of the Universe

God said:

Made from the same cloth, you link arms with reflections of yourself. The reflected light extends around the world and back again. You are a spiral who encircles the world that is often spoken of as God’s World. It is My World in that I created it, and it is your world because you are the Created and live in this world.
It is an honor to be created in My Image and to be chosen to inhabit the Earth. Notice I say inhabit. I do not say inhibit. Circling the world isn’t enclosing it. It is an ever-widening spiral you spin, and the spiral is made of your light. How splendid how you spiral and bring the whole world with you to sing.
What is the weather of the world today? I look at you, for you are like a weather vane of love. Equate happiness with love. Oh, the happiness you give. You are alive on Earth to brighten Earth and all on it. I compare you to the Sun. I also sometimes compare Myself to the ever-present Sun that lights the sky by day and whose light continues at night as it reflects itself on the white Moon, the Moon that is only happy to reflect the sun. Nor can the sun be any happier to be reflected. “Take all of me,” says the Sun.
The light alone, reflected or direct, is the wiring of the Universe. Light passes itself around voluminously. Light lights the heart. The volume of light is turned up. We can say that light refurbishes itself. Light is self-sustaining. Once sunlight has shone on you, you reflect it. Light never burns out. It ignites itself again and again. Soon you will see that all is light. We can call light energy, for all is energy, and all is love. How entwined is all of life. Light casts no shadows. There is no interruption of light. It is a continuous spiral. More than glances are exchanged when eyes meet. Light is given, and light is received.
What is a smile but an acknowledgement of light? Sweet are the smiles in passing. Exchange smiles, and no one is a stranger.
What if you have known everyone before? What if, with everyone you meet, it is not a first meeting but a reunion? Even if for only a moment in passing, you have acknowledged your Oneness. What else is there to acknowledge? When you see someone for what seems like the first time, it is a re-connection. It is an embrace. It is a welcome back, this exchange of light. Something drew you to each other.
If you literally bump into someone, it is an occasion. Bumping into each other makes sure you notice each other. Nothing more than, “Excuse me,” may be said, yet something more, something great, is taken care of, perhaps a contract. There is no need to figure out what the transaction actually is. It is enough. Something has been taken care of. A promise fulfilled itself. Metaphorically, you shook hands.
Even when you try to avoid a chance encounter, you cannot avoid it, or, if you do, the seeming other will show up again until a hello is exchanged and remembrance acknowledged even when you have no conscious recollection. A glance is exchanged and duly noted.
More than you possibly grasp is going on all the time. You are dancing on stage, beloveds. The stage is Earth, and you do-si-do. And that is enough, and that is okay. Souls have touched, you understand. And, so, My Will is done.  

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How fascinating and unusual

How fascinating and unusual this Heavenletter is. So much more than we know is going on when we exchange smiles with a stranger. This will make going to the grocery store so much more interesting!

You are alive on Earth to

You are alive on Earth to brighten Earth and all on it.

Berit, right here, will you

Berit, right here, will you teach us all how to add a photo to this forum? Your photo and words are so beautiful!

For you Gloria

From the toolbar…9th box from left. This is the "insert/edit image" box…click on it, and then paste the URL for that image…then click OK.

Beloved Pinksandgirl, thank

Beloved Pinksandgirl, thank you for replying. Here's where I am. Whereas I am able to post photos on the blog, I do not understand this link. It asks me for the URL. Where do I find the URL. Where am I taking the URL from?

I have photos in a place on my desktop that I use for the blog. There's something I just don't get when it comes to the forum.

YOu also have a beautiful photo.

Thanks, Nancy.


Dearest Gloria,

I took this snapshot just to show you the Forum posting screen. You can see the "9th box from the left" I mentioned in the post, and…now look below the posting box…see the second picture option called File Attachments. This will create an attachment…however, the URL shows the picture within the Forum message like I posted earlier. I am including this link for you that explains; "How to Get the URL for Pictures" in four steps…take a look…

When you have time let me know if this helped you at all…

As soon as I can really

As soon as I can really focus on this, I will study what you sent and let you know! Actually, I will post some pics!

Love, Gloria