The Whisper of Your Heart

God said:

Yesterday I spoke about not hurrying after things. Today I will talk about not delaying.

When there is something your heart wants, don't wait for a later. When it comes to something — I am not talking about a changeable whim or a new car you crave but something, let's say, spiritual — when it comes to something that your heart wants for itself, and not to show off, even to yourself, it's better not to think, I can always get it, and then defer.

Do not defer your heart. When you have a shot at something good, grab it. Do not wait for another time. Or another opportunity down the road, thinking that perhaps a better one may appear. Accept the good at hand.

Sometimes it's worthy to treat yourself to a shiny bauble, or an ice cream cone, or even a new car you want just for the sake of being good to yourself. It's fine to treat yourself as a welcome delightful child that it is a pleasure for you to do for, so I do not mean to rule the material out. It's just that My emphasis is on the deeply meaningful things that are more lasting and serve you better in the long run. The point is to be good to yourself, which is the same point I made yesterday about not hurrying.

When your heart asks, answer it.

When you want to watch a sunset, watch it. When you want to bare your face to the moon, bare your face to the moon and not wait for another night. Perhaps the moon is waiting for you. Would you make it wait while you file your fingernails?

When you have an impulse to see someone, see them.

When you have an impulse to express your heart of love to someone, express it. It is ripe to be expressed. Now is the time to freely give love.

When you have an impulse to do good for someone, when is a better time? When your heart wants to come forward, let it. Do not wait for better conditions.

The point is: Serve your heart as much as you serve your body and your house and all the accoutrements of your life.

Many times a day, you turn the key in your car and listen to the hum of its motor.

Turn the key in your heart as well and listen to what it says.

To know the desire of your heart is a great gift. Do not turn it away. Do not reserve it. Do not caution it or make it wait its turn. Give it what it wants. Give it great accord. Do not automatically think that something else must come first.

And if, sometimes you fear that a gesture of your heart will seem foolish, then, so be it, let it seem foolish. But your heart will have had its say, and the day is saved, and maybe your heart will have visited another heart that sees not foolish but splendor.

Do not train your heart. It is a not a pet. It is a vital force of life. It cues you in. It tells you what you need to hear.

If you must train your heart, train it to speak louder. You may previously have trained it to whisper. But your heart has a beautiful voice, and it will sing wonders to you. Even if it has no great message for you this moment, you will enjoy its song, and it will enjoy having you hear it.