Simply Being

God said:

Consider for a moment what you try to prove in life. Perhaps you try to prove that you are wonderful or always right or wise or loving or strong or rambunctious or lazy or difficult or smooth or unusual or worthy or unworthy. Whatever you try to prove, it is a simulation of ego, for, in truth, you have no need to prove. It is not for you to prove anything. Your arena is the field of being.

Being takes no effort. The good that you are will reveal itself without help from you.

We are talking about spontaneity rather than premeditation.

When you try to prove something about yourself, it takes thought. You arm yourself with this picture of yourself you want to give. You brace yourself to be that which you have allotted to yourself.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be good or wonderful or strong and ever kind, but having to prove you are any one of these is different from being it. There is just a fringe of a moment's difference while you calculate. It is so. There is that tiny moment where you look to the situation and the opportunity it affords your image. You may indeed be this special person, but when you have to live up to it, something else is at play. This causes you wear and tear.

There is nothing you need, and there is truly nothing you need to be.

If you are righteous, you are righteous; you do not need to apply the word to yourself.

When a child plays, he plays. He does not think, "I am playful."

Your mind does not hold up the actuality of you. The mind holds up a presumption.

For those of you who work too hard, perhaps you are holding up the image that you are a hard worker.

Any image that you hold up puts a strain on you.

We are talking labels. We have talked about other people putting labels on you. Now We talk about the labels you put on yourself. Perhaps you have named yourself Lady Bountiful, and so must always bestow benefit all around you like a perpetual fountain. Perhaps you have named yourself the Little Red Hen, and you must do more work than anyone else around you. Or you have a gang name or group name and think that has something to do with you. What titles have you given yourself, and why? All you have to be is simply you.

What if you named yourself Child of God? That takes no effort. Requires no uniform, no special demeanor. You don't have to wear a halo. Dubbing yourself Child of God gives you a lot of freedom.

The names you have attributed to yourselves have been restrictions upon you.

You have searched for identity in names or words when, all the while, your identity is beyond names and words. You just are. As I AM. I am not definable, and nor are you. Any label on you reduces you. It tells only a part of you. There is no need to make more of you than you are. You have not made enough of what you are.

You are beyond human reckoning, just as I am.

You are more than everything you do.

You are more than everyone or anyone says you are.

You are more than you conceive.

But you are not inconceivable, for I conceived you. You need no conception of yourself. You need not conceive who you are. Change conceiving to being. Plain being. No more assembling. No more putting two and two together. Simply being. Simply being you. You.