The Voice You Hear

God said:

I speak, and I use not words. That is to say, I vibrate love. I am Consciousness. Words speak for Me, and yet I do not speak them. I am like a Roar of Love. You can imagine how My Roar reaches the whole wide world and beyond. There is nowhere where My Roar of Love does not reach. The reverberation of My First Roar continues. This is the Voice you hear.

My Roar is happy, you understand. This is joy and love expressing in fullness. There is no word for My Roar, for My Roar that reverberates is also silent. My Roar is so strong that it underlies every single thing and Being on Earth.

My Roar has been called a hum. Roar is closer to the Truth, yet My Roar, which is Pure Love, is friendly. I call you to Me. It is that simple.

Consider that you are at a fair. I am like a hawker who calls out his wares. “Pie for sale. Free today! God for sale. Come take a sample. Ground to walk on. Air to breathe. Sky colored blue above you. The grass is green. Come. Get some love. My Voice never tires.”

I am so powerful, I vibrate, and I vibrate only love. What I vibrate comes to pass. Love is a done deal.

I am a boomerang. Boom, My love reaches you. And it bounces back to Me. The boomerang of My love bops many on the head, in the heart, in the gut, on the knees, on the toes, on the nose, in the eyes, in your hands. My love transmutes the whole shebang of the world. Boomerang and shebang are you, am I, is Everyone. You are a target of love, and I am a Sharpshooter, and you have been targeted, and you have been hit. And what a striking hit that is. Imagine a thousand fresh red roses thrown at you. The thing is that you can hold them all in your arms. They are yours. They are indelible. The roses of My love last forever. The gun of My love reaches all. No one escapes. Oh, some disgruntled ones may think they do, yet they are just playing a part. That’s fun too.

More fun are the Roses of My Love. Bang bang bang. I shoot the Roses of My Love from My huge Heart of Love. There is no escape, Beloveds. I always find you. There is no hiding from Me. You hid from yourself. Why bother, I ask you. Why bother to hide from Me? Why bother to hide your love when love will out? No matter how you dissemble, what you are made of will come to the fore, and you will seem like new, and the world will seem like new, and the world will be new. Like you, it will be what it always was, even though it was disguised with this guile or that.

Heigh ho, off to the world We go.

The Word was God. The roar was love. The Word God was pronounced in infinite ways, and you appeared on the horizon, and you were boomeranged to Earth and destined to come back to Me, soon, right away, or sooner or later. Love is your Destiny. Partake of love. Taste it now. Nibble it. Take big bites. You are destined to have all of it. It is yours. You are not an interloper. First you are a recipient of love, and then you are a wise and wooly giver of it. While you bobble from Heaven to Earth and back again, you give and receive love. The giving and receiving are interchangeable.

Hear My Roar.

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I'm glad that you love me and need all of me!

I thank you,I'm glad I'm a recipient of love very much!I like your roar of love reached me!

Roar to all!! Blessings

Roar to all!!


Roar back, beloved Pitta.

Roar back, beloved Pitta.

love and light

dear God Heavenly father,
thank of the precious words,
i know my self am not always present in your forum,
you know and i know am journy of my thought so far,
and i wish of my journy we are together to support me your words and my words,
whith out ego, of my consciouse you are in me every breath of my heart
thank of your priouse words,
love and light

What a great Heavenletter

Thank you, God. Thank you, scribe that brings forth His words.

Dear LOrd, Thank You for

Dear LOrd,

Thank You for Your beautiful Letter of Love. Every word pierced my heart with an arrow of Love. Dear Lord, my heart is in You hands of Love, eternally.

Sweet Celestial Roar of Love...

I bow before you Lord, wholeheartedly

with love

Thank you, dear one. Please

Thank you, dear one. Please give yourself a name, will you?


What a lovely thought You share today. Every day I want to know and wonder what your thoughts will be. I love today's
idea: "You, my child, are a target for so much love, and I GOD am, without a doubt, a sharpshooter.!!!"