A Growing Flower of God’s Vine

God said:

You do not make anything happen. Understand that you can call all things to you, and yet I am the Deliverer of your desires. You do call all things to you. In one way or another, you put in your order, and yet I, the Light, Energy, Love in motion, convey all to you.

Who created the world, and Who created you, and placed you on Earth?

I created you Vast Golden Light and put the dust of Earth at your feet. You have not become the dust. You think you have, and you couldn’t be more mistaken. Heaven on Earth does not become dust. That is a mirage.

You are powerful, more powerful than you have any idea of, and yet I am the Doer of your will and Mine. When you hit the jackpot, know that I hit it for you. When you find your True Love, know it is I. I am the Fulfiller. You do your level best, and I fulfill. Love can do anything.

Do not try so hard. Give and yet do not try so hard. Be easy with life. You do not have to manifest anything. I am the Manifester. You are the receiver. A receiver gives in his receiving. What is said about fertile soil? Be fertile soil, beloveds, and let Me enter your heart at Will.

Who in the world has tamed the waves of the Ocean? Which wave of the Ocean has originated itself? Not one. And yet you are mighty. Even your wayward thoughts are mighty. Fortunately, you have a Great Friend Who is at bat for you, is in your corner, looking out for you. Through thick and thin, I, God of Your Heart, sweep you up and break all your previous records. Think of it, beloveds, you are in My hands, and My hands are Hands of Love. Yet I am not a genie in a lamp. I am far more than a genie. I am God, and I am God of All.

And, yet, you are not putty in My hands. You have Free Will. Free Will is not all free, you understand. Along with Our contract are sidebars. Right now you can switch from one channel to another. My memory is not long. You can escape the past. You must! There is a sidebar in Our contract that says at any moment you can fulfill My dreams, which are My Will, My love for you.

You are not a chameleon, yet you are capable of change, and change you will. You will change in your estimation. As soon as you see differently, more avenues open for you to receive. Neither receiving nor giving is meant to be a struggle. Struggle less. Receive more.

Above all, enjoy yourself. Enjoy your Self. And give joy to all who are, after all, also your Self.

When you struggle, you are resisting. What are you resisting? All answers will come to you. Be glad that not all your wishes are granted. Be glad. You are a vibrant growing flower of My Vine, and you keep growing higher. Is that not a wonderful thing? You do not have to stay the same. You can plunge forward. You are plunging forward. Now just dive easily into the world of love and come up smiling.

Desire anew. When you were a child, you desired childish things.

Now that you are entering My Court of Love, won’t you desire greater? You who are greater desire greater. Allow yourself to desire all that is My desire for you. Expand your horizons. There is plenty of room at the top.

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Yes, I guess you could call it resisting. From my point of view, it's only that all of these deeply dualistic Heavenletters we now had for quite a while are driving me up the wall. Which serves me right, of course, for the rift – God and man, giving and receiving etc. – runs through my own heart. Still, I'm dying to hear another Heavenletter, one of those rare ones, that closes all rifts of high and low, here and there, now and then, glory and dust, if only for a moment. Just for reassurance. Just to be able to breathe more easily for a change.

Beloved Jochen, I believe it

Beloved Jochen, I believe it was Shakespeare who said: "Doth thou thinkest too much?"

And to affirm what we want to affirm.

In any event, I think that

In any event, I think that Shakespeare too is in the huge club of too-much thinkers.

I'm not sure what you mean to say with your second sentence.

Beloved Jochen, what are you

Beloved Jochen, what are you affirming, dear one?

Ah, a question is so much

Ah, a question is so much easier to handle, thank you. A question, provided it really is one, does not suggest that anyone knows better than anyone else what affirming needs to sound like. It does not presume to know that what someone says cannot be affirmation, or must be affirmation of the wrong thing.

Looking around in the world, there don't seem to be many real questions being asked. So heart-rendingly much is known, the very skin of Mother Earth is groaning under that impossible weight of all the knowledge, knowledge mostly about the right and the wrong kind of affirmation.

What am I affirming? For the longest time, I have been under the impression that what I'm affirming here is clearly audible, at least in some non-cognitive way. Recently there are signs indicating that I was in error as far as this is concerned. But having to explain yourself makes you want to shut up, doesn't it? Now: What I'm affirming is intimations of unicity.

All I know, beloved Jochen,

All I know, beloved Jochen, is that you have a truly happy giving peaceful marriage. Most of us have not had this and never will. All I can say is that If I had that, I would be thanking my lucky stars.

Shakespeare & Company

I am grateful to all those who held high the flag of awareness which is not the same as thinking. Awareness is a sharping light that falls on everything and dares to see it as it is, thinking is occupied with hows and whens and ifs. I do not put you in the club of thinkers. Those who use the sharping knife of awareness are often misunderstood, they frighten as they unveil.

dear me

Dear me, I hope we can put an end to "positive affirmations" and "uplifting" words and thoughts, often self imposed, and finally plunge into awareness.

What a nice idea – to

What a nice idea – to respond to yourself.

thank of the precious masseges

dear God heavenley father,
i want to thank of your greatful masseges today,
and also i wonther few monts a go for my self i dont want to choice
the deeping choice of my runing life and i know you are biside me,
and i think to my self may be its God desire,
and thank you for you answer of my tought,
i dont want to push my self deeper, and am waiting for you desire,
thank dear God your precious messages
love and light
Carmen, Denmark


I am at a loss, to see what others see as a non letter. Please If you do not agree with GOD, Tell GOD and argue to your heart content. I have been doing that for years. The funny thing has always been, that GOD always won the arguements. So now a bit wiser I say " thank YOU GOD " think and than I am fine. If a letter does not resonate with me, also fine. I will not comment. In love to all Jack




It is so easy when you know the answers.But to another who has not prepared can be very shattering.

"I am the Doer of your will and Mine....Do not try so hard...Be easy with life..Above all, enjoy yourself....When you struggle, you are resisting. What are you resisting?" ....GOD

What more is there to say! This is a message chiseled in stone!

When you are struggling know that you are unpluged from GOD.

Thanks for this reassurance my Father.

Oceans of Love to all of creation.


Beautiful, Victor.

Beautiful, Victor.

George, where are you?

George, where are you?

Be easy with life!

Do not try so hard. Give and yet do not try so hard. Be easy with life. You do not have to manifest anything. I am the Manifester. You are the receiver. A receiver gives in his receiving. What is said about fertile soil? Be fertile soil, beloveds, and let Me enter your heart at Will.

Yes...Do not try so hard...be easy with everything...be easy with you and me...be easy with your personal life...and the bigger picture. Just be easy with all of it. Be easy with God as well. In your ease...all will be revealed. Blessing and loving you always. Jim and Jimi.