The Son of a King Is Inevitably a Prince

God said:

Sense of loss comes from unawareness, unawareness that all is at your fingertips. Whether it is a beloved object or precious loved one, there is no loss.

Nothing is lost. What exists in truth cannot be lost.

But you feel loss. You feel that something has been stolen from you.

Possessions are not yours. Ownership is not yours. Only sense of ownership is.

Be calm, and all that you need will come to you. And, if it does not, then know that you needed to be without it.

Your dependence is what you don't need. This is part of your identifying yourself with an object. You think that whatever is dear to you is essential to your well-being.

Maybe your car is stolen because you need to walk more than drive. Or you need to ride with someone. Or you need to be without so you will seek something else. Or you are being spared from something.

Maybe you lost your job. But you cannot lose your place in the universe, if you think that is what happened.

Maybe you lose to find there is no loss.

That is the reality. There is no loss. There is no possession. What you possess is your inviolable Oneness with Me and, therefore, your heart and soul.

Can you go against your heart and soul and give them away? In terms of the world, you can — for a time. Of course, everything in the relative is only for a time. When you have gone afar from the truth of your heart, whether from cowardice or for a temporary gain, you have given way to an illusion of space and time.

You gain nothing. You lose nothing. That is how it is with time. It is neither lost nor gained except in the world-accepted imagination.

The big thing is that you cannot be lost, even when you have given your heart away.

Nothing can be taken from you. What is loss but an idea in your head?

All is vanity, sayeth the preacher. All is vanity when life is surface. The ways of the world are not Mine. You are Mine, and I am yours. Nothing separates Us but awareness.

What is lacking from your awareness?

Perhaps you think I am hard-hearted when I say there is no loss even when it comes to your loved ones. If you knew they were with Me, might not your sense of loss be less? If you knew they were in Paradise, would you be so bereft?

Your loved ones are not dependent upon life on earth any more than you are.

Life on earth is life on earth. It is but for a moment. It is inevitably short. You already know you are on loan to earth.

Where does greed come from but a sense of possible loss. If you did not believe in loss or lack, what occasion for greed would there be? Why would it exist?

It is time to let go of the idea that you can be deprived. You are not needy. You have more than you will ever need. You have it all right in front of you. You have what matters. You have it all.

The son of a King knows only abundance. A prince in any costume is still a prince. A prince in robes is no more a prince than one in plain clothes. The son of a King is inevitably a prince.

Accept your inheritance. I gave it to you. Accept.

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Hello Friends,

God said heart and soul
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