Flaming Hearts

God said:

Your heart is a spring from which love streams forth.

You have allowed hurts in life to block the flow of the stream. You have blocked and diverted the course of your heart.

You have been trying to protect the spring in your heart, and so you have maintained an earlier dam and added others. You have built a moat around the castle of your heart.

In so doing, you have chosen isolation.

And now, together, you and I, We unblock your heart. We dissolve the barriers that were unwarranted for a beating heart that needs no protection.

It is like you have stuck a knife into your own heart in order to prevent the entrance of another possible knife.

Your heart bled, and you dug the knife deeper.

Now is the time to pull the knife out, and so let love stream within your heart and bubble up again.

How your heart longs to be free! How it longs to stream anew and flow over the banks of earth!

Your heart has been gasping for its life. Sludge remains, and your openness will dissolve the remains of sludge. It will dissolve itself.

Let your heart venture forth today. It will reach Heaven. It will return to its Source, and its Source will be resurged within you.

Do not belabor your heart. Do not make it a hostage. Let it be. It doesn't need your feeble protection. It has had enough of dams and moats, and now cries out for its freedom. How your heart longs to be freed!

It was never meant to be kept in a cage. A heart is a gentle thing. It is not wild that it must be fettered. Your heart has no need to be restrained from itself.

You need only protect your heart from your protection which divides it. The way to protect your heart from division is to rest it in Mine. I renew its strength. And I will renew your belief in the viability and reliability of your own tender heart.

You will begin to see that your heart and Mine are twinned. Our hearts were birthed together and do not want to be separated. Your heart is not to be kept back from Mine or any other representation of Mine. Your heart is not to be kept in reserve. It is not saved for a spectacular moment.

Your heart is ready to be used. Let the love from your heart leap.

Set it free right now. Feel the love unsheathed lap the shores of life.

Look at all that your heart's flow will move forward. It will erase all barriers. All hearts will float on the stream of your heart.

Like a great wave, your heart will lift the earth. It will elevate it. Your heart — of all the hearts on earth — will do it.

Your heart and My heart are yoked like stars that swirl together.

Our hearts forage the Heavens. We tromp through earth. We ascend the sky and somersault the Sun. The Moon follows Us. We swim like fish in the waters, and we fly like eagles through the sky. We fly ever higher until Our hearts are blended with the universe.

Nothing else is discernible. All love is now blended beautifully into One heart, and it is Ours, as it ever was.

Instead of separate stars in the sky, We see that stars are holding hands. All are connected. Our soaring hearts enter a blazing light.

We are radiant love. We are radiant unending light. Our light was ignited in your heart, and your heart flames for all.