The Silence of the Snow

God said:

In the relative world, everything has a balance, even in what I say. It is this way and that way, and yet there is a balance. I tell you to take it easy, not to strain, to be good to yourself, very good to yourself, generous to yourself, kind to yourself, and yet I don't mean coddle, I don't mean that you don't make some effort, not effort, just an overture, a step, a little movement in the direction you want to go.

I tell you that We, you and I, are inseparable, and yet, at the same time, I ask you to come closer to Me, to move over, lean toward Me, hear Me and so on. In one way, it is enough that We are One. In another way, it is not enough, for it is My desire that you also knowingly experience Me. There is nothing like knowing Me for yourself. Otherwise, it is hearsay, even if it is hearsay that originated with Me.

There is not one person in the whole wide world who cannot know Me directly. You are meant to know Me for yourself. I am not meant to be an echo of words. I AM the Word, beloveds. It is good that you can say My Name and call out to Me. It is even better that you hear directly My answer. You may hear it faintly. You don't need to hear it loudly. A faint whisper from Me is enough.

Everyone has read about snow and heard about snow and seen pictures of snow. And, yet, you don't really know snow until you see it, touch it, taste it, play in it, make snowballs yourself, throw them, walk in the snow, and hear the silence of the snow.

You may know all about the desert and camels and dust storms, and yet, until you have been in a desert, lived in it, only then do you know the desert within your heart. Until you know the desert from experience, you do not know the desert. You know about the desert. You know facts about the desert. You may know every fact. You may have great knowledge of the desert, and yet you don't know the desert. You don't know sand until you run it through your fingers.

The ocean, the same. You don't know the ocean until you swim in it, feel it, float on it, be immersed in it, have a wave inundate you. You can taste the ocean for yourself. Beloveds, I AM the Ocean.

In the same way, you don't know a pistachio nut until you have pushed aside the shell with your fingers and pulled out the meat of the pistachio itself and bitten into it, tasted it, chewed it, swallowed it.

You may have eaten bananas all your life, and still you don't know what a fresh ripe banana off the tree tastes like.

You don't know what satin is until you touch some.

You may know all about the planets, and yet until you have held a planet next to your cheek, what do you know? You may know all about Earth from the encyclopedia. You have lived on Earth all your life, and yet how much do you really know about Mother Earth until you have felt her pulse and heard her heartbeat?

Come closer to Me, beloveds, and put your hand over My heart, and know for yourself that I am yours.

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i am gratitude

dear God heavenley father,
i am gratitude for everything you care of os
you do everything for os to know you love you
and we do loveng you, that you say ,
my desire that you also knowingly expereince me,
ah yes My LORD, everywenter snoweng fulling down
in the ground and i try to take my shose of to fell you
im alway to pay my antention to you every thing of this earth
to kow you your love,, just onley i can do my self my heart loveng you
and hold my own self,
i am gratitude for everything,dear God


Dearest Maestro, Even If we have agreed to forget you and our magnificence before we come still I must admit

When we in the relative world decide to become wedded one to another, we have no idea what

Now , I have lived in the desert, the SONORAN DESERT IN ARIZONA, which must even
be quite different from the SAHARA, so I do know what it feels like to live in one desert. And
I have found that to be an enchanting experience! I fell in love with the flowers that bloom
on cacti and I love the shapes and sizes of cacti, also. I love the fact that there's what's called a monsoon season in the desert. That's magical! I'm truly in love with desert storms -
kind of wild, loud electrical storms, lots of thunder and lightning! Again it's an enchanting
experience. I fell in love with cardinals, those charming red birds, which used to come and
sit on my garden wall! Oh, and I had never heard a cicada before I lived there, that is
a thrill to me to hear their wild call ! It is, to me, exquisite and singularly charming! They
charm me right out of my shoes. Speaking of wild calls, i've always wanted to experience
a loon on a lake somewhere. Again that sound of the loon must be a call that you'll never forget,

I love the distinctly different trees that grow in the desert. Like ironwood trees, and shoe-string
acacia trees. Poetic trees! They charm me right out of my skin. I love the wild life that
lives in the desert - like javalinas and their little ones that trail behind the mama javalina- oh
that delights my heart. Oh, and quail and the baby quail, they know how to move right into
into one's soul to stay. That was fun citing all that experience , makes me feel like I've
studied it all, by experiencing it all

So experience is the only way to really KNOW someone or something , by connecting
intimately. People do that, some people have an innate gentleness, tenderness about
their ways and expressing themselves to me, and that brings tears to my eyes.

And finally - snow in the desert, now this is found in the high desert such as in New Mexico,
it enchants one's very soul to wake up on a morning after a snowfall and go to the front door
and open it an behold the gentleness and quietness that snow brings to the atmosphere.
It says "I have brought some true magic to the kingdom." which is true. The snow even
absorbs traffic noise so that it's not so grating on the nervous system. My puppy the one
I had in Taos, New Mexico adored playing in the snow, she rolled in it with great joy!

I will forever be in love with the desert. Also the way the sunrises and sunsets affect the
flavor of the mornings and evenings. are different experiences. Or you walk out your
door one morning and there's a bobcat and you and he just stare hesitatingly at each other
for a little while and then he walks his way and you walk yours. No great event with noise
or fear in it, just a way of acknowledging each other. Snakes I have not learned to love
yet, although their skin is usually quite amazing to see. They just strike me as mysterious and they seem to know how to command respect.

QUALITIES OF DESERTS, HIGH AND LOW. Ah, Mexican birds of paradise is such a
very beautiful difference from tropiical birds of paradise. They absolutely suit the desert.

OH, MY! TO EXPERIENCE A RIDE ON A CAMEL. That's somewhere ahead in my life.
Jeshua says they definitely have a mind of their own. Now, I can't imagine riding on one
could be exactly a delightful experience. Just an different way to travel.

How blessed you are,

How blessed you are, Maryann!

The people I know who rode on a camel say it's wonderful.


Apart from the smell.

"everything has a balance"

"You may know all about the planets, and yet until you have held a planet next to your cheek, what do you know?"
With this I recover from the last few days.

Gloria shares God's invitation to be closer.

Do you know that it's impossible to get closer to God? Yup!

Do you know that it's possible to "feel" closer to God? Yup!

The trick is deceptive but very simple. It's all about how we think. What we think determines what we feel. Think close and you will feel close.

What we fill our heads with determines what we think. Read the Heaven Letters over and over and see how close God seems to be. Think love and feel God loving you.