The Rich in Heart

God said:

Into what terrain of life do you enter? What setting do you give yourself today? What freedom do you give yourself, and what freedom do you take away?

If you must see your life and the world in a prescribed way, then you have withdrawn your freedom. If you insist on seeing and interpreting and valuing as you are accustomed to, you may well be accepting dried flowers instead of fresh ones. I would like you to hold freshly picked flowers. If you cannot accept fresh thoughts, take another look at your old ones. The recipes handed down in your family are not necessarily the loving kind.

If you hold tight to what has been, or seems to have been, you constrain yourself from life. Might as well stay home.

I encourage you to be like a puppy who runs to greet everyone in sight. Why not look to see what's under each leaf? Why close your eyes before you have begun? Why use old conclusions to guide your present life now? Why shut out the present?

You might be the first to say that life is always changing. What was true yesterday may not be true today. Foolishness in life is rampant, wouldn't you say? Without foolishness, there would not be the story of Romeo and Juliet. A family kept an old frame of reference, one that should have been thrown out long before.

Everyone nods vigorously that the families held on to ideas that never amounted to anything. Their spines were stiff. Backbone is not always backbone. Backbone could better have been shown in letting go of a stand that was, at its best, unwieldy.

There can be value in making your mind up, yet who said that you have to uphold past thinking?

You do not have to like everything, yet it is better to let old dislikes go from your mind. Because someone hurt you once, that doesn't mean they will hurt you again. Because someone was poor in heart once doesn't mean they will always be poor in heart. People change. Will you admit that?

People grow, and why not you? How do you grow and not change? How do you grow and stay the same?

Open the door. Because someone once stood at your door doesn't mean that the same person will appear there now.

There is not a molecule that is not in motion.

There is not a heart that doesn't beat. Let your heart beat a new tune, unless it has been beating love and welcome all along.

It is a wonderful thing to be greeted and to be a greeter. Be a greeter in life. See what is new. Make decisions, but do not have your mind made up forevermore. Allow for people to change. Allow for yourself to change. Allow for the world to change.

Do not lump people in your mind. Do not lump situations. Do not clog the works, beloveds. Let there be free-flow.

Let love alight. Love cultures everything. Love can reverse trends. Never do you need to be stuck in the past. The past can do very well without you. If the past won't let you go, then you must let go of it.

Renew your thinking. Allow for possibilities. Do not close the book on life so quickly. Consider that perhaps some of the truths you have held have lived past their prime. What is true for you can change. You can turn your worst enemy, as if there were such a thing as an enemy, into a good friend. You don't have to, you understand, yet you can consider the possibility. Maybe you are not so right as you have thought. Perhaps you have been mistaken all along. Change your mind, beloveds.

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The Rich in Heart

This blessed message from our God-Creator is such a innocent reminder that truly there
is no such thing as an enemy anywhere!! That must, without a doubt, be true.
Enemies or adversaries are projections, pure and simple, meaning we project with
our minds what it is we must fear lives in our hearts, and our minds were NOT
created to project fear, but to simply extend the soft and quiet Love and Joy that is God's
FOREVER GIFT to us. If everyone in the world took time out tonight and spent
a half hour gazing with wonder at the stars, his mind then would be full of childlike
wonder and awe and we'd come indoors with changed hearts. Old conclusions shut
out the wonder of the present moment! THANK YOU, GOD ! FOR THE SHINING

Hello and Hi!

Thank you Mary for this beautiful response. So completely empty our mnds of divisions and that we now include everyone in our heart. This is the healthiest and happiest thing we could possibly do for our family and friends and all of humanity...cause all of them truly live in our heart...the Heart of the Beloved...cause we are the Beloved too. And that means You Too! Love, Jim.

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Allow possibilities
And see what is new

God said people change
Allow for yourself to change
Give yourself freedom

God said welcome all
Be a greeter in your life
And open the door

Love, Light and Aloha!