Where Is Beauty Not?

God said:

Come on a walk with Me today. Not a strident walk, but a stroll, for We have all the nonexistent time in the world. Let's see what We see, and love it. How simple is that?

Love the energy that surrounds you. Love the slums and love the rich neighborhoods. Why not? Don't even make comparisons. Just love.

In all neighborhoods, courage is found. Kindness is found. Generosity is found. In all neighborhoods, you will see beauty. Cast your eye on it, and all that you like will multiply itself. Gaze upon that which you do not like, and you will see more of that too.

Never mind about poverty or wealth. Mind about something else. Mind that you look upon the world as I look upon the world. You may think I see what amounts to a needle in a haystack, but, no, I see the heart of the world. I see what matters. I don't bother with torn edges nor do I bother with the potholes. I do not bother at all. I enjoy, and I adjure you to enjoy with Me whatever street We are on.

Where is beauty not? In which face is there not beauty? You know I am speaking of more than the surface. Of course, I look beyond the surface. I do not even look at the surface. I know the surface from your descriptions, but I look at the golden light that is the underlay of all. I am surrounded by golden light, and so are you, if you would see.

Sometimes it seems that you see with glasses that have painted pictures on them. You don't see what is beyond your glasses. You see only what you have instructed yourself to see, what you have permitted yourself to see.

But today, as We amble along, let Me lend you My eyes. Take off those glasses you've been wearing. See what I see. It's right here. A tuft of grass, a golden tree, a young child, an old man, a newly painted porch, a porch that needs painting, people at work, people at play, a dandelion, a rose — tell Me, beloveds, do you see that bright light of energy that is called life? Do you see the vitality in movement, and the vitality in stillness? What difference is there in what the heart sees?

Have you seen enough with your eyes? Now see with your heart. This is not a sentimental heart you see with. It is a heart with clear sight that you see with. You go past sentiment. You go past prodding. You go past all that you thought you knew.

You can see just as well as I can see. I see YOU. My eyes bore into your heart, and I see the light of you which is the same as the light of Me. Why, I see Myself in you! I see every living thing and every inanimate thing as Me. I see Myself everywhere. My reflection is mighty. Wherever I turn, I see Myself. And I see you the same. We share a common bond of light, and We share a common bond of love. For Heaven's sake, what else is there to see? What else is worth seeing?

It's like you are in a bank. You see shiny copper pennies, and you peruse them. They catch your attention, and you look no further. If you looked even a tiny bit further, you would see the gold and silver dollars. You would see the diamonds and the pearls. You would see blazing light, if only you would look further and more deeply and see into My eyes and see yourself.

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Lately I've been trying to focus on the beauty around me. Now I read the letter it's funny that God us writing through you about the same thng I'm training myself to do!

You really know something,

You really know something, Danny!

That´s what I also do, dear

That´s what I also do, dear Danny. Every single day, when I awake from sleeping,
I instruct my mind to see only beauty and light around me. And I feel happy and at peace!
And the funny thing is, when very seldom something displeases me, MY MIND tells me it is not REAL, it´s only an illusion, and I start again seeing beauty and harmony.
Best wishes for my HL´s Family.
Be Happy!
Herminio from South Spain

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said I enjoy
If only you would enjoy
How simple is that

Love, Light and Aloha!