The Ribbon of the Universe

God said:

Whereas everything has its effect on you, you have your effect on everything. You have a powerful effect on yourself. You have yet to learn your own power.

The stars may influence you, and you influence the stars. It is like a dance, or a love affair.

But the stars are not your director. I am. I am the Leader of the stars, and I am the Leader of you. Nothing has power over Me. I am the Glory and the Power, and I am the Influencer.

All serve Me. You serve Me, and the stars serve Me. All on earth and in Heaven yearn to serve Me. When I lift My hand, you rise. You dance to My tune. My tune reverberates within you, and, so, it is your tune also.

When I called you into being, it was not to be a servant but a server. Thus you have free will. You are not indentured. Only there is a holy thread in your heart that looks to serve Me. From the goodness of your heart, you wish to serve Me and to serve Me well.

When I created you, I set you free, and, yet, We are One. I do not hold on to you or restrict your freedom. I keep you in My heart. Our bond is love. I want you near Me, and you want to be near Me, so what is the fuss all about?

What is surrender but knowing the truth?

We cannot ignore Our love for each other. It is paramount. Our love exists independent of everything. Our love is intact no matter what the confluences of the world.

If I am the Highest, I am the Highest. Having no idols before Me means just that. But, I, of course, am not an idol. I am Truth.

If I am the Top, I am the Highest Point of you. You can aspire to no higher than Me. When you aspire to reach Me, you are aspiring to reach yourself. You are the Pinnacle you climb. You are Creation. The building blocks of creation are love.

Anything but love tries to knock down. Love builds. The cornerstone of you is love. Love is the ribbon of the universe, and love is its bow. All of creation is the rolling out of love.

From ignorance and from dismay, love is attacked, but love cannot be affronted. Love and its power are not diminished no matter what goes on in the world. Love survives. Love surmounts. Love continues and comes out as strong and clean and new as it began. Love is unchanged. Anger, like love, wants some kind of closeness. But love will outdistance anger every time.

That which is attacked is stronger than that which attacks it. The point of an arrow is small. The heart is large. The heart of man is large. It was created in My image. Vastness is My Name, and so it is yours. There is no limit on love and what it can do. Everything else has a limit. There is no limit on you.

Therefore, do not accept limitation, for it is not true.

Our love is true, and love is boundless.

My heart calls to yours. I have no weapon. I have love. Love is My Power and My Glory, and it is yours. You have no weapon either. There is nothing you can do to withstand Me. We are joined, and to fight Our union is to fight yourself.

Love is all We have, and it is enough. It is more than enough. It is the summation. Love is Our existence. That's it in a nutshell.

I have a plan for you. You may think you know what it is, but you have no idea. Your plans for yourself are too small, relegated. My plans for you are part of My vision. At present, My vision exceeds yours by leaps and bounds, for you allow yourself boundaries whereas I have none.

Remember, you do not make bargains with Me. You do not say you will do whatever I ask of you so long as I assure you of safety or something else you consider a reward. You do for Me because it fills your heart to do so. It is extreme pleasure to do for Me. That is your reward. You will come to know the truth of what I have just said.

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Ribbon of Love

Heavenly Lord,

Beautiful Ribbon of Love... To fight Against Our Union with You is akin to the stars fighting with the sky and refusing to shine at night; electrons arguing with neurones and its atom; A soul fighting against itself & a One beating Heart suffering from arrhythmia due to a war torn Sacred Centre. Dear Lord, thank You beautiful message We are All part Of You... One Beautiful endless Universal Ribbon.

Love and Light