Indefinable and Extant

God said:

There is such a range of thought in the world. There are worlds within worlds. And no two Humans make exactly the same of any part of it. There may be universally accepted terms for this and that, but each person has his own spin on it. Yes, there are spinning wheels of worlds within everyone on earth.

That is because there is such a range in My creation. There is Oneness, and yet there is a spectrum within that Oneness.

What makes one laugh does not another. What makes one cry does not another. So many diverse worlds within the One Unified Whole. What are you to make of all these different nuances of the world?

Each of you thinks that your view is the only one, the only accurate one. Your view becomes the standard upon which you evaluate everything else. You rather look at the world the way you look at grammar. There are certain standards acceptable to you, and that is what you base your world on.

It is like you think there should be one universal language that everyone speaks. You think there should be one universal pair of glasses so that each would see the same as you.

And yet you know you do not really wish that. Despite all you think and feel, you would not change the world in a flash like that if you could.

That would be like ordering one food, one healthy favorite food of yours, and ordering it for everyone. Although you may think you like the idea of making decisions for everyone else, in reality you would not like it. Despite all you might say and wish, you would not change a particle of creation. You would not undercut it. You would not remove one delicious underpinning of it. If you did, what would you then have to complain about or delight in?

Why not delight in everything?

Why hold yourself higher than anyone else?

Or why hold yourself lower?

You are a delicious part of the universe, and you are ever-growing and departing from where you are right now. You cannot freeze yourself in time and place any more than you can stop the flow of the universe and its other participants.

All you can do is change your view. And when you do that, everything is changed.

You are the kaleidoscope.

The world is turning, and so are you.

Perhaps the world is upside-down, and perhaps you are topsy-turvy too.

But there is hope. There is one universal truth that disbands all the weight of differences. It opens everything. It evens everything out. It puts a glow on all manner of things. It holds creation together. This one thing is more powerful than anything or everything you can imagine. There is nothing that can withstand it. The mighty topple in the wake of it. It supercedes and countermands everything else. It carries the world on its shoulders. You know its name. Its name is Love. It is also called Truth. It is also called Oneness.

Whatever the differences, Oneness will carry the day. It has taken you this far. The differences you have played in, but it is the heart of love that moves you. You do not need to depart from it.

There is another name for Oneness, that enlivening energy of the universe, the lifeblood of the universe, the motion of stillness, the stillness of motion, the expandedness of the universe, the compactness of it, the everything of it, and that name is God. I am the finest point of love. I am the abstraction of it and the completeness of it. You can call Me any name you like or not call Me, but that does not change one whittle of existence. I AM. And, therefore, you are, and We are One Love indefinable and extant. We.