The Highest Notes

God said:

God is on high.

I am the highest within you. High is not apart from you. It is you. You have settled for so little. You have taken one or two per cent of what is rightfully yours.

When you feel low, you have lowered yourself. When you do not ascend to your heights, you have missed out on something, and this makes you feel low. Feeling low is truth setting you straight. Aspire to higher. Go for more.

All the carrots in the world in front of you simply are not enough. Once attained, they leave you stranded. They let you know you have strayed from the more you merit.

You are a Human being, and you are much more than what you have ascribed to that form. Do not feel you are stuck in a Human body. A soul such as yours cannot be stuck anywhere.

Look not for escape. Look for knowledge of the goodness that you are.

You are not weakness. You are strength. It is up to you to lift the world. You cannot wait for the world to lift you.

Do not be on an even keel. The norm is not good enough for you, so you must rise higher, not for performance, but for your due right. You are of great use to Me. Hard as that may be to believe, it is true. Each one of you is dear to Me, and you are more than dear. It is not just that I love you. I do love you. I do not love you despite your flaws, though that is one way to look at it. I love you because you are worth loving. I love you because you are wonder itself. I am dazzled by what I made when I made you.

I see more than your potential. "Potential" is a word without much substance. It is a hollow word. I see you powerful. I see you as you are. I do not see you crawling on earth. I see you rising on high. I see you rising to My eye level. I see you clearly. Sometimes you don't see at all.

Yes, you. I mean you, whose eyes alight on this page.

You are capable. You are capable of realizing all My desires.

Consider that there are strata of thought in the universe, not as a hierarchy, but as notes of a chord. Do not shortchange yourself. You can reach the highest notes. They are there for you. You just have to go to them. They wait for you. You have been hearing them but not listening.

Often you sit on one end of the seesaw when, all the while, it is your turn to go up.

Consider that you ride in an elevator that has no top floor to stop at. It just keeps going. You are the elevator you ride on. You have no limits. Only you have to know that. You have thought you can go only so far, and now you know there are no limits on how far you can rise. You can rise to Heaven.

You can reach up to Me at this very moment. I say reach up to Me, and I say heights, but all you have to do is reach across. You just have to cross a mainstream that you've been told is uncrossable for you, or maybe for anyone presently alive.

I tell you now, once and for all, that you are meant for greatness. You are to seat yourself in greatness. You rise to greatness by accepting it as a cloak you might put around yourself when you feel chilly. I offer you that cloak now. I offer you the cashmere of greatness. Begin to feel how you feel when you wear cashmere and find that it was yours all along, how you feel when you find that you cannot remove it, when you find that you have no choice at all, that your only choice is greatness, because greatness is where you come from, and greatness is what you are. You wrap yourself in your own greatness.

You are not a tenth of greatness. You are all of it. You have been told otherwise, and you accepted the stories that were told you. You accepted defeat instead of greatness, but now you know better.

Now you will accept that you are one of the Great Ones I created to follow Me. Step into the footprints I have left for you on earth so that you may bring the world to the awareness of Heaven. You will find that you are not alone. You will find you are one of many heralding a new reign on earth. You are joining an army of greatness. You have joined.