The Petals of Your Heart

God said:

Your heart is intended to open continually. There is no graduation day when it comes to the human heart. The human heart is an ever-blossoming flower. Open and open and open the petals of your heart. This is an assignment I give to you.

You may have tightened your heart and tightened it. You forgot that your heart was for giving. You probably thought that your heart was for getting. You may even have concluded that your heart was for being hurt, and, therefore, you did everything to keep your heart buried and safe.

If you want to remove hurt from your heart, the secret is in giving your heart away. Your heart doesn't really belong to you. Nothing really belongs to you, the individual you that you imagine you know so well.

If your heart is Mine, Whose heart is it then? I have appointed you caretaker of your heart which is Mine. Take good care of the beautiful heart of Mine that resides in you.

There is no you anyway. The individual you that you believe you are is an illusion. I AM the Reality. You share My heart. I give you all My love. I do not give it to you for hoarding. I give it to you so you may give My heart to a world that too often has been impoverished. I have given you a beautiful diamond, and I tell you:

"Don't reserve that diamond by keeping it in a vault. Absolutely not in a cold-storage vault. You can't keep My heart by sequestering it. The only way to keep My heart big and flourishing is to give it away. You can give it silently, and yet My heart will be heard. Just give it.

"You are not intended to be only a reactor to love. You are not to pawn My love in your heart. My heart is within yours so that you can give it away. I do not say to give yourself away randomly. I say to give your heart, to fling it, to fling love out like a giant sun and let it travel where it will. Love has its own course to take. Certainly, you are not to block love for reasons of safety or anything like that. Your heart is not meant to wait for certain conditions before it goes forth. Under all conditions, your heart is to go forth. Send your heart out like a valiant explorer dedicated to fulfilling Me."

Do I not give you a lovely assignment? I charge you with giving out My love all over, to the galaxies beyond your galaxy, to every heart wherever it may be. Every single heart is within range. I am charging you with giving happiness, and there is no happiness like the giving of love.

Oh, yes, the material world grants you some happiness. Happiness is good. The greatest happiness, however, is your giving love. Just give love without a prior agreement. Just give love, for love is what you are on Earth for.

You are a learner of love. Call Earth a School for Love. Earth life has not always made it easy to give your love. Earth life may have told you to sequester your love, to hide it in order to keep your heart safe.

Now I tell you to give your love away, for there is always more where your love comes from. Love gets spent yet never used up. Love is for the giving, and I ask you to give all of your love away. Do it for Me.

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God, Divine Love, you call us caretakers. Why do you leave us to make the mistake of giving you to people who are using you as experiments to find out who or what you are? Is it our tests or theirs, or both? Is it you coming into your purpose? Love why must our human petals be bruised before we realise that the hearts petals were still budding to you and your purpose. Thank you for this undying peace,love,serenity,joy and understanding that has enveloped my heart and the Love and light that is drawing beautiful people into my life for the last 6 months. How your light has released my soul from the deception of my knowledge of you. I never knew you till now and in return you, Love is sending me true teachers of your true nature. Oh how my hearts petals have opened because of you being released in me. God you have made me admit to myself that I was wrong about wanting to be responsible for bringing new life, new vessels for you top come into your purpose. I am sorry, being a mother is the best thing I can do to thank you.

Answering one of life's biggest questions

This is an assignment I give to you
Just give love without a prior agreement. Just give love, for love is what you are on Earth for.

You are a learner of love. Call Earth a School for Love.

Love is for the giving, and I ask you to give all of your love away.

How often I have asked what my purpose is. How could I ask for an answer more clear than this, or one that resonates more strongly in my heart?

Your being clear, beautiful

Your being clear, beautiful heart, helps the rest of us become clear.

What great quotes you chose!