The Perfect Place to Begin

God said:

Your life is a fishing expedition. You put your fishing line in somewhere. You cast it. You do not wait to find the perfect place. You seek to start fishing. Another way to say this is that you trust that where you cast your line is a good place to cast it. Why wouldn't it be? There are you, and there is the water, your line, the fish, a bank to sit on, and a God Who loves you.

In relative life, you perceive points of time and space, and you often let time forward itself while you stay behind, waiting for a better opportunity. Opportunity is now.

You can only begin where you find yourself. You cannot vigorously rearrange the world to suit you. You cannot await the perfect moment. The rule of thumb is to begin now. Wherever you are sitting or standing, this is where your life begins now.

It seems a strange thing to consider that you have often, if not always, looked for another place of departure, one that you consider better. But where you find yourself this moment is your taking-off place. It is good enough. You rise higher from where you are. You do not wait to be higher before you rise.

This moment is the moment of your initiation into a higher place. It matters not which floor you start on. You are going up. You ride the elevator of life higher, ever higher.

At this point in time and space, you can remove your shackles just as well as at any other time. In your concept of time, time doesn't wait for you, but you have been waiting for it. But this is the moment the clock strikes.

Life does not just happen to you. You also happen to it.

If you are adrift in life, you can start paddling. You do not need to wait to be rescued. Perhaps you are supposed to be the one who rescues another. Start paddling.

Perhaps you take drugs, prescription or otherwise, to dull your senses, to float in a still stream without movement, as if the purpose of life were to escape it. All the time you were to be swimming, and you kept your arms bound to your side. Start swimming now.

Christ told the man on his sick-bed to rise, and I tell you the same. I tell you you are capable of rising. I tell you that you have been waiting for too long.

This moment will carry you. This moment. Rise to meet it. Welcome it, for it is yours.

The truth is that you swim in the Divine. Divine is your milieu. Nothing else is. That's why you feel like a fish out of water. You have forgotten the water and thought you were on dry land, and so you floundered.

You are soaking in the Divine. You bobble on it. This, all this, is merely a boat upon the stream of the Divine. All are in this water, and all can turn their vision a little and see the golden sun casting its golden light. It shines on you.

Imagine there is a spotlight of golden light on you. You cannot step out of it because it follows you everywhere. And that is the Truth. You are surrounded by and carry light this golden light. That is where you are. No matter how you have let it appear to you, that is where you alight from, and that is where you voyage to. From golden light to golden light. This is where you are, and so in this moment of golden light, begin your life today.