God Wants You

God said:

When you do not resist life, you will find the sparkle of light that you thought was being denied you. You thought something was being taken away from you, and that's why you resisted. You didn't catch on that something was being given to you. You saw only one way, and you could not see another. You wanted to go in one direction, but you were foisted in another.

You were in a hurry, and you came across a detour. Or, perhaps, you had to stop at a red light. Or a waddle of ducks crossed the road.

Consider the detour and red light and ducklings as gifts. At the very least, they remind you that you are not the dictator of your life and they remind you that it is very good, indeed, to let go of your supposed control.

Because you like something one way, does not mean you need to have it that way. Because you have been going in a particular direction does not mean you have to continue.

Sometimes the apparent long-way around gets you there faster. You've heard that before.

But maybe you have not heard: Every step and every stop on your way is a destination reached. Count the steps and not the obstacles. Consider that you have already arrived.

If you are knitting a sweater, you can count two ways. You can count how much there is ahead of you to do. You can count how little you have done. OR, you can say to yourself: "I started the sweater. I had the impulse, and I followed it. I chose a color, and I chose the yarn. I chose to make a sweater, and I am making it."

"Making it" is an expression that means success to you. Know once and for all, that you are making it.

The sweater you knit, all your accomplishments, or lack thereof, are not the issue. You are the issue.

Compare yourself to no one, not even to yourself. You are not the same person you thought you were last year or last week or last night or even a moment ago. You misinterpreted yourself.

You are ever new.

You are a beautiful breath-taking propulsion of My thought. That means you are consciousness blooming. You can only bloom forth.

Oh, if you are not a greenhouse rose, perhaps you are a dandelion that lets nothing stop him. Cement and a crack, dandelion still grows. No matter how much is against him, he grows. No matter what places he finds himself in, he grows. He can't help it. Nor can you. The dandelion does not resist the sun or the cement. He grows to the Sun.

Struggling artist or famous artist, it is the same. The state of your affairs in the world is incidental to who you are. Don't lean so heavily on the world. Lean more on Me, which is the same as to say to have more reliance on yourself wherever you happen to be. That is not to say independent of Me, but with Me.

A thought becomes the object of another thought, so then there are two, one made off the other. And so you look upon Me as separate from you. You cannot think of Me any other way without feeling absurd, but you are capable of thinking of Me as your constant Companion, your loyal Comrade, your Faithful, the One Who has impeccable faith in you, the One Who sees more clearly and further than you do by yourself, the One Who sees to the heart of you and rescues you there. Who is going to rescue you, but you and I? The rescuer and the rescued are the same. So I ask you to come to My aid. Blossom forth in your awareness as well as in Mine. For this, I need your help.