The Past of Even a Moment Ago

God said:

Regret and rue and remorse are all from the past, and this is why you don't want them to stick around. They hold you to the past, and in the past, beloveds, in terms of the relative world, you were less than you are now. It's that simple. And so I adjure you to leap out of the past and leave it behind forevermore.

The past simply isn't any good to you. Yes, the beauty you are now came from the past. Yes, it contributed, but it is like last year's soil all dried out and drained of nourishment. Plant yourself in fresh soil now so that you grow taller and taller. No longer stoop down to the past. Better to put your focus onto the present which is alive now. In a minute, it too will be of the past.

You do not collect the old fingernails you have clipped off. You let them go. What would you save them for? And yet you hoard the past, as if new soon-to-be-past weren't growing all the time. For the span of its life, the present is at your feet. The past you have to call up and chew your cud on. Today is fresh-born. Do not let the past influence you so much, not just because I say so, but because the past kept close to you holds you back. It becomes a weight and wears you out. It is for you to move forward into the present, this second of imagined time that presents itself in this moment, and that's all.

The present is remarkable for its brevity. It is instant. This present moment may be very powerful, and yet the minute this present moment is past — Bingo! It becomes memory. The past loses its potency very fast. Once spent, from then on, it is over. A moment ago can only be raked-up leaves now. Leaves fade fast. The past becomes remote. It is dead brush. To have the past, you have to dredge it up. Let the past lie where it lies. Step over it.

It may have rained a moment ago, and now it is dry. Why get wet again in thought when you perhaps did not like the rain much the first time and you ran to get out of it? Why now is the past so precious to you, this past moment that is already stale? Ah, memories are selective, and they are full of the people and special moments that once were and now no longer are. And so you hold on to the snows of yesteryear.

The present is always with you, and there is always more coming up.

The message for you is to let go and to let go without batting an eye. It is not a sacrifice to let go of the past. When you gave up training wheels on your bike, you weren't sacrificing. You simply were ready to ride your bike without training wheels. It is like you earned a promotion. Yes, you have graduated to this present moment. Look it straight in the eye and relish it while it is here, now, not later. Now is the by-line you sing, and now is the life you proclaim.

The present is love because love is all that there is. Love is in the present moment. The past may bring tears to your eyes, but the only way the past truly serves you is to bring you into this moment right now, this moment as We speak and as We let go of the past of even a moment ago.

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this moment as We speak

Strange how a few words sometimes bring everything into sharp focus. You feel as if you were reading, and then suddenly you realize, Ah, yes, this is an exchange, it has been a conversation since I started reading. What a pity this is the last sentence. Can We keep it up without words on a screen, this immediacy, intimacy?

This present moment is our friend...

Yes...this present moment is a jewel and a great friend of ours. You could call the awareness of the present moment God. That is what it feels like....Cause when you are in present moment awareness...the illusory past is no where to be found...and with it...all of the pain and regret and confusion and shame is no where to be found as well! Go ahead...try this out for yourself...just try to look, consciously in the present moment, for all of your issues of the past or for that matter any concerns of the future. Go ahead just try! I dare you! In present moment awareness you cannot! Because in present moment awareness, the you that you think you are dissolves in exchange for Divine awareness...and the Divine only sees Love and Light...not imaginary shadows!
Blessings, Jim.

ps...practice being in the moment...then the next, then the next: always fresh and alive!...the next then the next.

pps...the you that you think you are may not want to do this cause it may sense its demise. Ego is in love with its fake aliveness...and it loves to be right....about its heart aches and its victories...

Jim Keller's response was fantastic

Jim, you have given us some real deep stuff to think about! I'm still in awe!


Let go of the past! Feel the love!

To really enjoy the present instant of consciousness we have to let go of the past. Sounds like something we should do but the mechanics of letting go are much too complicated in the realm of doing to be expressed in the realm of being. For instance to let go of the past we must take from that very past the lessons we need in order to let go, so we hang on to the lesson and find that we are drawing from the very thing we hope to let go of.
This darling writer continues with this diamond: "The present is love because love is all that there is." Tell this to parents looking into the face of a beloved child that's passing into eternity. Tell the woman trying to make sense of her husband running off with his secretary. It is so easy to say that all is love when we treat LOVE as a concept to observe and feel rather than the building blocks of our very being. We can't do love. We must be love. "Love suffers long and is kind, love seeks not its own..." We are told this by our Sacred Scripture.
Love is the Source of all life, light, energy, time, with all the variations of its manifestations. It does rain on us when we are ill prepared but we do dry off in times wet embrace. Leaves do fall, grass seeks the nutrients from those past leaves. How are you eating these days? Don't eat only from the fallen pages of your book of life. Look up angels. Love

George eating from this wonderful Heavenletter

Getting Down To Brass Tacks

Dear Sweet God,
I think I've got this Heavenletter down. This is how I look at my past: I loved, I laughed, I learned, I cried, I left. If I would have wanted to keep that chapter, I would have "recreated" it. I went on to the next chapter: I loved, I laughed, I learned, I cried, I left. That's the theme of each chapter. It's poignant stuff.

I LOVE my “present”, only you make me consider if it's possible to have “too much of a good thing”!! How can I posssibly (do, it be) everything?

I'm your “lady” first. I pay attention to all the “events of the world” and "secrets" of the Universe that are happening right now because this is a most important time we live in and you want me to always keep in mind the big picture (that's you, God!!), and you whisper in my ear “how to not judge” as I look through your eyes. That's what “we” do first.

You give me snazzy responses, and cash-on-hand to be the emotional and sometimes financial support of my daughters-as-mothers, and my granddaughter-as-mother, who know where THAT really comes from.

You answer the door to my 45 parade of residents-as-neighbors, so that they leave with warm-fuzzies in their hearts. They think the reason our community is so magical is ME, when I keep telling them I'm a little bitty lady with a great big God, and like-attracts-like.

You hum to me when I'm doing homemaking chores, I like your tunes!! You find the synchronistically perfect “feminine touch” to my home and closet when I need “shopping therapy” -- oh how I love you for that!!

I only wish would somehow get me down off this “high”, so that I could concentrate on that stack of paperwork on my desk, so that company that thinks “I'm the best they ever had”, will keep thinking that!!! LOL!!

P.S. When are we going to get to those art projects you promised?

Bonnie, this is so

Bonnie, this is so wonderful! I think I heard God say, in answer to your question about art projects, "Soon."

Love ya, Gloria

Gloria: Oh Yummy, Let's Play "Name that Dream"!!

Way to Go, Sis!!
Maybe you can use your influence on Him!!
So far, all I "get" from him is: LIFE is Art. LOL!!

That is a great

That is a great response!

Beloved Sister, whom is it up to, may I ask! Who is to do the art project! Anyone I know?

Gloria, All those Things..

Lady Gloria,

(Giggle) I should have said all THOSE art projects. It's that notebook I make of brilliant ideas, the folders of sketches and clippings, the art supplies taking up two shelves in the closet.

I keep a list of all the cool art projects I have/had planned to do when I got to be "a little ol' granny".

Well, I've passed the Grandmother and even Great Grandmother part...all I'm missing is the OLD. And from the ways things are evolving...that's not likely to happen soon if ever!! (What a trade-off, yes?)

God just laughs and laughs at me...And so, I retort: "If you don't watch out, the Whataburger Corporation is going to draft me out from under you, I'm so used to saying, "Have it Your Way"!! (I don't comply that easily with anyone else but God, not a bit!)

I'm SO...just joking. I love it!!


1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said as We go
There is love in this moment
Love is all there is

Love, Light and Aloha!