The Past Is Only an Idea

God said:

There is to be no repenting. When you make an error, correct it and then keep going. Don't weep over it. Don't rue it. A mistake, no matter how serious or how ridiculous, is an error. Even if you did do something averse on purpose, it was an error.

If you committed a deliberate action that was hurtful, now in your higher consciousness an action you would not commit, don't belabor it. At the time, you thought you were right. You didn't know better. Now you know better. Congratulate yourself, and free yourself from aching regret.

Undo the deed by letting go of it. Get out from under the yoke of guilt. Guilt doesn't behoove you or anyone. Now come from a higher place. Do not identify yourself with a past action. There is no profit in it. Be glad you have grown, and keep going forward.

The act of nurturing your conscience and feeling bad about the past is not elevating. Be done with the past. Expiate the past with the present. For Heaven's sake, this is the right thing to do. Agonizing over the past is not the right thing to do.

Feeling guilt is a not a beneficial state of consciousness. Go, make the world a better place now with you in it. You are you now. You are not you back then.

Listen, do not sweat the past. Do not occupy your heart or mind with the past. Daily, let go of the past. Do not harp on your past mistakes. Not harping on your past mistakes is not the same as excusing or babying yourself.

No one can undo what has been done. Take care of now. Give yourself a break. Even within yourself, let bygones be bygones.

As for embarrassment, let go of it. As for shame, you have to let it go. Be glad you know better now.

Do you know how much energy is accumulatively spent on agony over past mistakes? This energy can be better used on something more viable than the past.

I am telling you strongly to get out of the idea of the past. The past is an idea. You are to get off that idea. The future is not exactly the opposite of the past either. Where are you right now?

There are good people who can't sleep, for they rue even a nothing event when they were in first grade. The teacher made it big. The class laughed. They were humiliated. What a waste of time to flip the pages of the past and rue it.

In fact, the future doesn't exist either. The future, like the past, is only an idea. Have a higher picture of yourself right now, and sleep at night.

You know I tell you to dream big. You may debate that this is future-oriented. Dreaming big is recuperative. Dreaming big is not effort. Dreaming allows you right now to climb higher. Dreaming big is part of the present.

Nothing is idle in Life. Life in the world is about change. I am telling you to absolve yourself from the past. I am suggesting that you live right now in peace and harmony with yourself. For anything in the past that lingers, no matter how big or how small, forgive yourself and move on. This is very practical advice I give you. This is Realistic.

If you have made an error, don’t make it again. And this is the same as to say to move on in Life. Move on in Life itself. Don't stagnate in a pool of guilt or anger or anything unworthy of a Child of God. Let go. Once and for all, get the past off your mind.

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Liberating thought...or better still: thoughtless peace of heart

Dear Gloria,
Such a great letter! It reminds me of Byron Katie's The WORK: Who would I be without this thought / idea / concept (about past)?? That's so alleviative!
... And do we really want to waste our time and energy by looking backwards with those feelngs of guilt? For me this letter offers a very important aspect of The Power of Now. Thank you very much! Much love from Bavaria .... Lisa

This is a very interesting

This is a very interesting response to me for more than one reason, dear Lisa.

First, I want to say that Truth is everywhere. Truth is not new. God is everywhere, and God is not new.

There are many great speakers and writers and coaches of spirituality just as there are many varieties of flowers in the world, all welcome to God's Garden.

It never occurred until your comment here that Heavenletters could ever be compared to Byron Katie. This is refreshing for me, and I will reread this Heavenletter with this spiritual leader in mind.

As for your second point -- you are comparing Tolle as well, yes? -- well, Truth is Truth. I'm going to reread this Heavenletter as well.

I usually refrain from making comparisons. Why do I? Comparisons are very much of the world. Certainly as a Godwriter, there is no place for the intellect, for Godwriting is also without thought!

Love back to Bavaria!

Suggesting another comparison

I have always enjoyed reading great spiritual texts past and present, but in the course of my time with Heavenletters, I have found this enjoyment dwindling and nearing zero now. That's because if I want clarification of a certain point – the power of now, say – I can always find another Heavenletter "for comparison" that will render me speechless with its stunning clarity and power. In this instance, that would be Heavenletter #2550 for me. You can find it here:

The other point you mentioned, Gloria, that of Truth being everywhere and God being everywhere, was beautifully made only weeks ago in HL #5915, "Only in Infinity." I call it beautiful but it's much more than that. And it's there for comparison. What a relief to know that Truth is always "around", available within whether I consciously remember it or not.

Dear Gloria, Thanks a lot

Dear Gloria,
Thanks a lot that you always take the time to comment on comments. :-)
You are absolutely right: Comparison is another concept of the mind. ;-) Maybe I meant my evoking of other names less as comparisons than as an expession of joy about how things fit together, how they join and assemble ... thus allowing us to chooe whatever door suits us to reach the same Truth. THANKS again! "Incomparable" greetings and lots of love, Lisa

God, I love you. And I

God, I love you.

And I wonder why you use such big words sometimes, reading a Heavenletter is almost synchronized to opening a dictionary for me, and surely many others as well.

P.S. I love you. I'm happier today because of you, and tomorrow as well. I love you, and nothing in the world can change that, except of you, and you won't change such a thing, will you, when you love me too?

Today I ignored someone, dear God, and he took a photo of me, and I said hi only then. I am suffering from monstrous amounts of apathy, because interest makes me overwhelmed. I'm tired, I was tired, and I'll stay this way for quite awhile. I'll make promises I can't keep, and hope for more than I can actually give. But I wouldn't call them errors, I would call them learning, and I love you, and you I, and everything under the sun gets a pass to the opening of another chance.

I hurt many people, and I'm not really interested in not doing it again. To be conscious of my actions is tiring, I don't want to live to please. I'm tired as it is, and I'm self-pitying, yet you're here, reminding.

So as all goes, I'll learn, and kindness will be both a deliberate and a spontaneous action next time. Good night, good day, I love you, and you I.

gratitude and forgiveness

Gratitude and Forgiveness are gifts I give to the Innocence I AM. I gratefully stay connected to the moment that "IS" and I know I will be carried safely to the next moment. In my garden I cultivate Divine Faith and Divine Strength. Thank you God for my life on beautiful planet Earth.

Dear Rover, Lisa, My Name,

Dear Rover, Lisa, My Name, and Christine,

It is a thrill to receive your comments. You bless us all.

It is like you spread out Heavenletters before us. I love Heavenletters already, as you may imagine, yet your comments make my mouth water for them.

Rover, I will have to read all the Heavenletters you steer us to. Thank you so very much. What do you mean when you say your interest in Heavenletters is waning. It’s hard for me to see that! Of course, this is up to each individual. Some Heavenreaders have been here from the very beginning, since 1998, and some very devoted readers come and go. Thank God, we have freedom. For myself, I don’t know how I could manage Life at all without Heavenletters. I am ell aware of the Before and After. Heavenletters are the Height of Joy of my every day, the receiving them and the privilege of sharing them with you.

Rover, try reading a Heavenletter out loud. Here is a You-Tube of a subscriber’s reading a Heavenletter out loud. This gentleman from India does a fabulous job. There is no doubting his joy in the process.

Lisa, I adore your “incomparable messages! How you make me smile! I wish I could respond to everyone’s comments always. Really and truly, as much as this is one of my favorite things to do, time just does not allow it.

My Name, you ask about the big words. I have to tell you that I myself have to look up some of the words that come. Where do I get them? From God, I believe! Of course, I have always been a big reader. I guess that somewhere sometimes I read those big words sometime in my life, though I cannot say they are in my vocabulary.

As for kindness, there is a Heavenletter – I don’t remember its name – which I understood as to say that God doesn’t want us commiserating with anyone. [feeling sorry for someone] In this Heavenletter, as I remember, God says s something like: “Who are you to be kind to someone?” Something that seemed to infer that sometimes we put ourselves above others and that we may set ourselves above sometimes with kindness. On the other hand, My Name, I am someone who always was concerned about other people’s feeling and, nevertheless, I have a long list of guilt over excessive Selfishness. Again, of course, God doesn’t want us to be unkind. My Name, you’re fine. Your Love for God is great.

Rover, can you find the Heavenletter about commiserating?

Christine, you have been a solid wayshower on this forum for years and years. You bring great inspiration and joy. I can't thank you enough.

God bless you, beautiful souls!

Love, Gloria

Dear Gloria, what I said

Dear Gloria, what I said about my "dwindling enjoyment" refers to the first part of the same sentence. Sorry for not being clear enough. I meant to say exactly the opposite: That Heavenletters are my only remaining source of guidance after everything else has lost its luster.

I watched that YouTube a long time ago. Yes, lovely.

The Heavenletter about commiserating you are looking for may be this one:

Dear dear Rover, too often I

Dear dear Rover, too often I seem to miss the point, dear one. It seems like I did it again! Please kindly excuse me!

God Bless You Gloria

Each Heaven Letter is a Beautiful Blessing to my day and I look forward with love to reading each one.