Only in Infinity

God said:

Life keeps going. Life doesn’t stop for one minute. This is how it is in the imaginary race you run.

Even when you commune with Me, a thought of Mine you pick up is here for you right now, and then it may be gone in a flash you know not where. The thought appears to have disappeared. A thought of Mine is directly available to you, yet your realization of My Thought seems to last only a span of time, and then it dances off.

Dear Ones, no specific thought of Mine is a thought you must have. There is no pressure about this. Remind yourself that a thought of Mine forgotten from your conscious mind nevertheless is still My thought, and it is alive and well. There are no deadlines regarding My thoughts. Whether a thought of Mine returns to you or not, even when a thought has meandered away from your conscious mind, it is still around. My thoughts are omnipresent. There is no rush for you to maintain thoughts that seem to have dropped out and that you call missing.

You wish you had My Thoughts at your disposal always. I exist within you, and My Thought are yours somewhere deep within you no matter what. My Thoughts, Our Thoughts exist independent of your memory's retention of them. Really and truly, what do you most want? Aha! A great memory or Infinity?

Infinity is all at once. Memory is not. Memories are stored. You pick memories up as you go along. You don't have to impound your memories.

Some things you leave to Life. Memories are not to be forced. You can be receptive to memories, yet you don't have to have them. You don't have to insist on having them.

Having to have something NOW comes about because of this imagined race against time that exists only in the relative world. This is called urgency. This is called emergency. This is called calamity.

When what you desire just falls to you, you call it a miracle. When the miracle you desire does not arrive on time -- as you see it -- you may label it tragedy. You may label it uncalled for, unjust, unfair, dire, unfortunate and all those other words with which you break your heart.

Remember the account of the 100-pound mother who in a split second was able to lift a two-ton car off her child's body and thereby save her child's life? This is the only way she could have done it. The mother did not stop to ask Me to help her lift the car off her child. She was not even conscious of words. She simply willed without words that her child be freed from under the car. We can say that she knew a technique without consciously knowing the technique. She heard without hearing. She heard deeper than hearing. Something happened to the mother without her possession of it. We could call it awareness without being named, and, so, she saved her child’s Life.

You have had close calls and been saved from what would be considered a serious accident resulting in, what is to you, the worst possible outcome called death. You may have not even known you had a close call, yet you may well have had a miracle just the same.

You may have had a beautiful insight and inspiration. In a flash, it flies away. You may have had such moments, and you cannot seem to get them back, not by all the willing in the world.

These remarkable moments are going on whether you can put your finger on them or not.

This is how it is with Godwriting or whatever you may call hearing Me. It is My Words that you write down so you won't have the illusion of losing Me. There is a steady stream of My – My – what? Let Us call it Intelligence or Light or Thoughts beyond Thoughts. Never are you without Me. You can never be without Me. You exist with Me. We exist together as One. You may not yet accept this, yet that Memory is somewhere within you ready to pop up in Infinity. You exist in Infinity. You are Infinite. Everyone exists in Infinity. There is no place else to exist.