The Oneness of Being

God said:

This is one of those times when We don't have much to say. We have a lot to be. So let's just let the Being of Us intermingle. Let's meld. Let's, for this short while, not bother with words or thoughts at all. Thoughts aren't what matter. Love is not a thought. Truth is not a thought. What matters are not thoughts.

Language expresses something. More than the language, more than thought, more than words, what is behind or beneath the expression matters. Words are not needed for truth to be known. Sometimes words juggle Truth or preclude it. Let's just sit in love a while. Let's bask in Our love the way mortals do the sun's rays .

If there were no words and no syntax, love would still be. Let Us engage in a moment of the silence of love. Let the Oneness of Our One Self settle down, so that Our Oneness then arises before Our very eyes. Let Us live in the truth and love of Oneness. Let Us just be, immersed in Our Oneness.

It is not that We close Our eyes to something else. There just isn't something else to close Our eyes to or to open them to. All there is is Our Oneness of Being, and We are steeped in it. Nothing of Us can be separated. Not even into a thought. There is no ABOUT Us. There is nothing outside Us for an about to exist.

What if you could see without thought? What if you be without thought after thought, thoughts about thoughts? What if you didn't have to catch on to anything? What if all you had was insight? You would not know of outer. You wouldn't have the concept. You wouldn't have the concept inner either. You would have wholeness.

You would swim in a clear stream of love. You would know nothing else. There wouldn't be anything else to know.

When you swim in the clear stream of love, what would you ask about? What would you want to know? There would only be knowing. Your rabid intellect would take a long-deserved rest, and you would know you dwell in the house of Oneness forever.

Of course, nothing else exists. All that exists is Oneness and Eternity. There is no place to go to and no other time.

What mere words can possibly conjure up Our beauty and Our eternalness? What can possibly capture that which is forever free, and therefore beyond the limitedness of what you call freedom? When there are no chains to undo, when there are no cells to unlock, no closed minds to open, where does the concept of freedom exist?

All words fall short.

But truth is greater even than you knew. It encompasses everything. It encompasses the light called you and the light called Me. Oneness is the only truth there is. What is there to discuss when there is nothing to say?

So, when I say, Come sit down with Me a while, I am saying: "Here, look, notice where you are. This is where you have always been. This is where I always am. This is Our Oneness." Adrift in a dream like an idle boat, your mind has rippled away from the inevitable indelible impenetrable truth of Our One Self. In truth, how can you be adrift on an Ocean of Being when you are the Ocean of Being? How can you be only a part of what you are when you are everything and all that there is? How can you depart from Oneness when there is nowhere and nothing else to depart to? I ask you, What is there for Oneness to fuss about?

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before Our very eyes

How incredibly powerful, this old stuff.

no chains to undo

Within a week of the first time, this marvelous Heavenletter is picked from the cosmic hat again. I love these "coincidences", especially when they appear to be making a point. The point, it seems to me this moment, is to live in both worlds at once, that of silence and oneness and that of thoughts, words and syntax. Thoughts and words ripple across that which IS wthout disturbing it or distracting from it, eternally undivided stillness and silence shimmering like a colorful world of commotion and noise. How much more beautiful this world becomes when oneness is seen as well, oneness walking on earth as love.