Peace Rises

God said:

The world focuses on what it focuses on, and it focuses on worldly things. World consciousness is not as great as yours. Caught into world thought, you will always be pulled down. You are destined to pull the world up, so your thoughts cannot be the common ones bandied about. You who read this are destined to uplift the world, else your eyes would not fall upon it.

You do not try to argue someone or anyone or the world into a higher state of consciousness. There is no point to make. This is not a matter of conviction. It is a matter of consciousness.

So stay out of the fray. Do not be caught into taking sides, because taking sides is opposed to peace. Taking sides is one of the very bases of non-peace.

Pick the world up with your heart and swing it high. Through your good nature, you will do this. Good-naturedness is an essential factor in peace. When you are good-natured, you do not quibble. What is the absence of peace but quibbling?

You in your personal life will devote yourself to being kind and generous. Every fault in another that you see, you will bless. By your thought alone, fault will be erased. The domain of your personal life now will be the gentleness of good manners. As you hold doors open for others, you will hold your heart open so that others may enter freely and know what good-heartedness is like.

Everyone knows enough of what small-heartedness is. They do not need to be taught more of it. But big-heartedness needs to be seen more, and you will be the one to offer it. You will declare great-heartedness. Your heart will take a wide sweep and pick up every falling thing.

As I take each one of My children and hold them close and dear to Me, so will you sweep up the world in your heart of love. In that spacious mansion of your heart, you will make room for all. Safe is the world in your heart. Warmed is the world in your heart.

You may not believe that your heart is big enough, but I tell you that it is. Your heart is resilient and elastic, and it can hold the whole universe, and hold it in balance.

No longer will you squelch even one atom of love in your heart. You will release your heart entire. Through your good nature, you will do this.

Open your heart now so that others may know the extent of their own hearts and, like you, be My ambassadors of peace.

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As I take each one of My

As I take each one of My children and hold them close and dear to Me, so will you sweep up the world in your heart of love.

much love to all.

Ambassadors of Peace

Dear Father God,

Yes, indeed, I am here to raise the Consciousness of the world. I do this with good-naturedness. What does that mean? Openness and kindness. Gentleness. Primarily gentleness.

Because through gentleness and tender love, the world will remember Itself. May I always be kind and friendly. May everyone feel welcome in my presence. Including those that the mind would reject for whatever reason. There is no one that isn't worthy of Love. Everyone is worthy.