The New Heaven News February 3, 2010 The Year of Love

"Come Play with Me!" Godwriting™ Workshop in Fairfield, Iowa

Know the Heart of God -- Discover God's Words Personally Meant for You

“Take a moment now to feel My love. It is in you and around you. It is of you. It is your loveness meeting My loveness. We become a string that twangs in the joy of its One Self...”
     Heaven Sutra # 211 - Supreme Oneness of Love

Saturday, February 20 and Saturday, February 27 |12:30 P.M. to 5 P.M.
1 Workshop 2 Consecutive Sessions. Both Sessions Required for Good Journey
703 E. Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, Iowa

Workshop led by Gloria Wendroff and Santhan Naidoo -- This is your chance to meet Santhan, Great Soul and traveler.

Adults $135.  Married Couples $185  Full-time Students and Seniors over 65 $85.

Register by Valentine's Day and take a $10 Discount!

Paypal Account-- 

Or mail check to Gloria Wendroff 703 E. Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, IA. 52556

REFRESHER COURSE for those who have already taken Godwriting Workshop -- by Donation

For those who want to come in from another state, we will schedule the second session for you on Sunday, February 21.
Inquire about accommodation.

For more information, go to or email Gloria
Registration Form:

“I am in love with my new Godwriting practice!! I can’t wait to get up every morning now and see what God has in store! I just LOVE the way it makes me FEEL!! To be able to experience moments like this -- It is what I want for all of humanity! God Bless you Gloria, for moving us forward on this path, for helping us connect to Heaven…Good T’ai Chi, Gloria, very good T’ai Chi!!!”
   Ginny Cardenas, Tai Chi Instructor, Nevada

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New Live Radio and Internet Interview with Gloria and Heaven Admin Friday February 19, 2010

Gloria Wendroff    Santhan

Listen to the radio show live on KRUU 100.1 FM in Fairfield, or worldwide. The show will air live on Friday, February 19 at 1 P.M. Central Time, and be rebroadcast on Monday, February 21, at 8 A.M. Central Time.

Chamaigne Montana, the delightful editor of will interview the two of us about Heavenletters™  and Godwriting™ and the Oneness Journey to Argentina. We will also read you some Heavenletters out loud.

[To catch the internet show live, on the upper left side below the logo. you will see "Playing On Air Now" and then below that "listen live."  Click on "listen live," and it will ask you if you want to open the broadcast in Realplayer or Windows Media Player. Maybe test it out beforehand. }

The show will also be archived on by Friday evening.


Las Vegas MetaMystic Radio Interview Show Wednesday, February 17, 4 P.M Central Standard Time and 6 P.M. Pacific Standard Time.

CJ Carl interviews Gloria from Las Vegas! CJ is going to ask me questions about my journey of growth and discovery. There's lots to tell!

Please email your questions to: Do it now!

The show will be archived, available for listening or downloading, anytime, in MP3 format, both on and

The February issue of CJ's MetaMystic Magazine featured another Heavenletter. This time it's the last one in the Heaven book, entitled When the Thoughts of Man Rise, Can the World Stay the Same?

Thanks a bunch, CJ!

Subscribers and Where They Come From

Suscribers are the mainstay of Heavenletters -- well, next to God, that is!

In the U.S., about every day, we can be sure there are new subscribers from the U.S. For a long time, there have been subscribers from every state in the U.S. Warm climates seem to head the list! I am very happy to have new subscribers wherever they are from, and yet I am extra happy when a subscriber comes from a state or country that we don't hear from often enough.  

There are also countries that give us new subscribers about every day. Not surprisingly, because Heavenletters are mainly in English, these are English-speaking countries. 

I can't say that we have subscribers from every country because there are countries I didn't even know about that keep appearing! How many countries exist in the world right now, does anyone know?

Here are a few countries where subscribers recently came from. These aren't the only ones, of course, but these are are countries that we could use more subscribers come from!

Guam, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Norway, Russian Federation, South Africa, Sweden

Of course, we want more subscribers from every country to find Heavenletters.

In the last issue of the New Heaven News where all the countries' new subscribers were  listed, by error I left out France. We have lots of new subscribers coming from France. Apologies to France for my oversight!

About Beloved Heaven Translators

Do you know what devotion it takes to translate one Heavenletter? We cannot begin to thank all of the devoted volunteer translating angels that God sends to us. It is a great thing when a translator translates. Because of their generosity, people across the world can read Heavenletters in their mother tongue. Translators are opening up hearts all over the world.

We urge everyone to invite their friends and families to subscribe to Heavenletters. We especially ask the people who receive Heavenletters in translation to bring more subscribers from their countries to the translations. You can imagine how new subscribers to their translations uplifts the translators.

And always we are inviting more translators from all languages to translate.

Thank you, Daniela, in Croatia, for your caring

Recently a Heavenreader who lives in Canada but who is from Croatia asked us if we could translate Heavenletter # 3349 Woven in Many Hues for her. Daniela, who is working three jobs, made the time to translate the Heavenletter requested and three others so far as well.

That is an example of where a Heavenreader inspires a translator. Appreciation goes a long way.

Heaven's translating angels may be our unsung heroes. God bless the Heaven translators

Thank you, Asim, for a Heavenletter in Hindi!

Here are some excerpts of Heavenletter #3341 In Your Heart Where God Dwells. It's beautiful in Hindi, isn't it?

Thank you, Christine, for translating every Heaven News in French the same day it comes out!

 We like to think Heaven News embraces Heavenreaders. Heavenletters are our reason for being and yet Heaven News connects us in another way.

Recently Christine also translated the Story of the Farmer and the Hat as well. Here's a sample:

Histoire de fermier et Du Chapeau

Les voies par lesquelles Dieu apparaît sont illimitées. L'une d'entre elles est par l’intermédiaire d’autres personnes. Voici une histoire vraie:

Un agriculteur, à notre marché d’agriculteurs locaux avaient une couverture étendue sur le sol, couverte de légumes merveilleux, certains dans des paniers, certains juste en piles.

Alors, aidez vous-mêmes les Heavenletters.Subscribe. Faites-vous plaisir. Quand votre cœur est touché, votre don Par-le-chapeau fait toute la différence dans le monde.Une aide financière de Dieu pour soutenir Les Heavenletters™ vient grâce à l'engagement, le respect, la générosité de lecteurs comme vous. Merci pour votre contribution!

Une autre contribution Par-le chapeau que nous aimons, c'est quand vous passez les Heavenletters à des amis et des organisations que vous appréciez. S'il vous plaît sentez-vous encouragés à répandre Les Heavenletters. Ce serait merveilleux de remplir ce chapeau à craquer lui aussi.

Thank you, Theophil, Stefan, and Veronika for 2,321 Heavenletters in German -- 2,321 Heavenletters! Half of the Heavenletters we have!

Veronika was our very first translator from Germany. Then Stefan came and continues to translate. And now Theophil devotes himself virtually full time to Heavenletters. What they have done! We are so grateful.

We are so grateful to all of you.

Thank you, Paula, Italian Translator

Paula is the very first translator who came to us and gave of her heart and soul and talents to Heavenletters. For six years without fail, Paula has translated daily Heavenletters. She has also translated the entire Heaven book and personal questions to God and God's answers.

Thank you, Engin, from Turkey, for all you give

Engin is another translator who has given her all. She translated the Heaven book and worked hard to find a publisher for it in Turkey.

When the website is updated, we'll have a volunteer page featuring the many volunteer angels who work for Heavenletters.

Translators who have not been mentioned here today will be featured in the next Heaven News. We haven't forgotten you. We could never forget you. You are deep in our hearts.

Circulating Heavenletters Everywhere!

The day Deborah Mathews subscribed to Heavenletters™ she asked:

Blessings Gloria Wendroff, I just came across your site and love it. I just subscribed to Heaven. I'd love to place your link on my site. Please let me know if I can place your link on my website. I want to start a page on God so the world can connect to Him.

I really love Deborah's site and her story. She bares her heart. Nothing clouds it. Thanks, Deborah.

Of course, everyone is welcome to post Heavenletters. We do ask that you let us know and include Heaven's link to the Heavenletter.  Since this note, Deborah is already posting Heavenletters on her site. We are grateful. Thanks, Deborah.

For those of you who have been subscribing for many years, you may remember when Heaven Admin was in a remote part of South Africa when he came across printed-out Heavenletters. Least expected, and there they were! What a thrill that was!

And now we have heard from Jo Petzner and Deepak Folly in South Africa who published the Heavenletter that thrilled our hearts. We don't have photos of these two servers of mankind nor even their link, but you may be sure we will include them in another New Heaven News as soon as we do.

Firstly, a big thank you for Heaven's Letters. They are inspiring and so true. We publish one of your daily Heaven's Letters in each of our monthly issues of Transcendence, a non-profit mini-mag aimed at promoting spiritual awareness. Well, our magazine is in the process of a major upgtrade which includes an electronic version and a wider readership. The reason for my writing is to request the continued use of your valued articles in our publication as they have been enjoyed by so many.

The new Transcendence is due for publishing on the 30th March 2010 and we are required to secure places for all our contributors by the end of February. Please can you let me know at your earliest convenience, if our request meets with your approval, and grant us permission to continue the use of your Letters.
   Kindest regards, in mutual service.Jo

Of course, we are thrilled to have Heavenletters spread throughout South Africa. Heaven Admin was born in South Africa, did you know?

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Happy Valentine's Day!

God Quote:

"Beloveds, Our kiss lasts forever..."
   Heavenletter #1557 Throughout Eternity

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