The Music Has Been Playing

God said:

Nothing is hidden. You hide from yourself. When a revelation comes, you knew it all along. You could have seen it all along. You could have foreseen the ring you would find. You could have foreseen the loss of your ring. You could have foreseen. Do you feel the truth of this?

By the same token, all along, you could have known fully the intimacy you have with Me. My beloveds, sometimes you push awareness aside. Sooner or later, it catches up to you, or you catch up to it.

When accidents happen, you do have a clue and it could possibly have been prevented. You did not have to prevent it, you understand. You did not. It so happened that you allowed it. As if it were all in slow-motion, you just couldn't open the door fast enough, or close the window fast enough, or take another turn in the road. You are responsible, and yet not irresponsible, beloveds. Perhaps you were on some kind of automatic.

In a way, it is like when you ate the third piece of pie, and you knew you didn't have to, and yet you did just the same. You were there and yet not there. You were present, yet not fully present. Regardless, you ate the third piece of pie.

What has befallen, has befallen. Now you can only get up from the table. All the past amounts to crumbs now. All you can do now is sweep up the crumbs and move on from them.

In terms of awareness of Me, the God Who loves you, you did not have to close your eyes to Me. You could have opened your eyes at any time. And yet you did not. You could have, and yet it was not quite possible for you. Perhaps even a moment ago, you could not.

But now is different. Now is the rhythm of Our waltz. You can step to the beat. You can open your eyes now. Open them now. Rush into My arms of love. Take your rightful place. Take your rightful reconnaissance of right where We are now. There is no need to wait for a great epiphany. The beat is already in your heart. Now it reaches your feet, and We dance. How We dance.

You are living the epiphany, beloveds. There is no need to wait for a great epiphany. There is no need to wait at all.

You perhaps feel that you cannot take the first step. You perhaps feel that a baton has to be waved and a nod given to you before you can step onto the dance floor. You perhaps feel you have to hear the music first. Well, then, hear the music. Our song has been playing before you alit on Earth. I have waved the baton. The music has been playing. You have perhaps been preoccupied, beloveds. You perhaps were not confident that you could stop going in the direction you found yourself going in. You perhaps were not confident that you could go in another direction at all.

It is easy. You just stop and turn. With or without confidence, you can turn on a dime, beloveds.

Whatever you may think, whatever you may feel, your heart can fly to Me right now. You can see where you are right now and have never not been. We are entwined, beloved. We have always been arm in arm. This is not fantasy I speak of. This is Reality. It is fantasy that you have been swept up in heretofore. Just a little turn in the dial of your mind, and you will know what you have always really known, that we are One Indivisible One.

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BlesSings Beloved & Gloria...
Love Ya...


...we are One Indivisible One.
After so much reading and commenting, it turns out this is the only thing I accept. There doesn't seem to be much left to talk about. Everything else just makes me nervous, desperate and angry. Everything seemingly implying duality and thus multiplicity feels confusing and not conductive to remembering oneness. I would like to hear only the "straight stuff", like this:
You want to sit on God's lap? There is no lap to sit on. This is not loss, beloveds, because God stands up, and He stands up in you. God does not sit. He rises like a mist. He rises just as your consciousness rises. You have risen, merged into Oneness. We ARE One. There is no one in the whole wide world but Me. You don't exist. You don't exist as you have speculated. But I exist. I AM. And you and I ARE One.
[This, obviously, is a very subjective comment. More of a sigh. I hope you don't mind.]

Dearest Jochen

I totally agree with your sentiments! On more than one occasion your words have expressed what I am not able to...and this, in and of itself, is soooo comforting. The only thing I have to keep telling myself is that consciousness, and therefore understanding, is EVOLVING. I will, eventually, RISE to the level of BEING and to a place where questions do not exist. Thank you for being who you are.
In appreciation.

It's good to hear this,

It's good to hear this, Nancy, thank you. I'm a little worried sometimes that I might sound negative. Am I eating the third piece of pie again?

Yes, we rise. Or is it that God rises in us like a mist, doing all the work if we let Him? It's hard to tell, but it seems to me more and more that we have been literally trying to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps or hair.

Appreciating you just as much,

love love

dear God heavenley father,
thank of your beauteful masseges words
you always in my hearth and to my mind
you are my partner of my soul whith dance
we are one indivisible one

You are living the epiphany, beloveds.

You are living the epiphany, beloveds. There is no need to wait for a great epiphany. There is no need to wait at all. We are already loved.

You are living the epiphany, beloveds. There is no need to wait for a great epiphany. There is no need to wait at all. We are already loved.


Der Tod = Ich minus die Liebe.
Ich = der Tod plus die Liebe.
Die Liebe = Ich minus der Tod.
Richtig so, Maria Petrowna!
Kann ich’s wegputzen?

- Wera Pawlowa (russische Dichterin)

Die Gleichungen sind nicht nur mathematisch richtig sondern auch existenziell wahr. Wenn ich liebe, bin ich schon vom Tod zum Leben hinübergeschritten. Liebe ist die selbstlose Zuwendung zum Anderen, die ihm hilft und ihn erhebt, denn am Ende wirst du nur nach der Liebe gefragt.

"Love is the miracle. There

"Love is the miracle. There is no miracle without it."

Heavenletter #1375 - You Are the Moon of My Love

Much love

For Berit and all of us...

Yes...the wonder and realness of Love. I like Love a lot. Love is so thoughtful without having even one thought. Love is so kind and considerate...knowing what I might desire or have need of before a single thought arises. Love is so sweet and tender. Love is also very polite. Love is the best guest! I think love is God. And God is love too. With Love there any real reason to hurry or worry. All is provided through Love. I boldly...oh so boldly ask my Father for what I desire. I used to be so afraid to ask. Now I just keep asking. God loves an asker! God Loves an asker! God loves an asker. After I ask, I open my heart to receive. aN OPEN HEART IS NEVER DISSAPPOINTED. And a heart that loves itself is an open heart. I am getting better and better at asking. To not ask for what I want is to think I know more about life than God does. It is God's pleasure...profound pleasure to provide for all of our wants and needs. He wants us to ask...and He wants us to open our hearts to receive. We are truly His children. And children ask...and open hearted children receive. Just be honest. honest and tell Fatherr what you want. Loving you Berit so much...Jimi. ps...for some reason these words came into my heart for you Berit...but really...they are for all of us!!!!!! Thank you Berit for allowing me to respond in this way.

Jimi dear, of course the

Jimi dear,
of course the Father knows perfectly well why those amazing words came to you and He whispered to me "To read daily at least 3 times, no matter before or after meal, any time will do!" Divine medicine ! :-)))
Thank you dear Jimi, sweetest Child of God !
much love

Yes Berit...

Father is so good to us and for us and i feel so good when I think of Father. My father and your Father and everyone's Father is the same loving Father. Change of topic...For some reason I was thinking of a beautiful song written by Tori Amos called Winter...and it is really so beautiful. The last time I heard the song, I was in Switzerland in a little town in the east part called Teufen. And I heard the song and the song contains much medicine to help wake up. The main line in the song (sung by God) is: "When are you going to make up your mind and love you as much as I do" Wow!!!!! This is so profound. So Jimi and Jim are beginning to love themselves as much as God loves them. This is huge. it invitation to love ourselves as much as God does. Whey! That is giant. Jim and Jimi love you Berit. And Jim and Jimi love whoever reads this or is secretly listening. Jimi and Jim.

You can open your eyes now.

You can open your eyes now. Open them now. Rush into My arms of love. Take your rightful place.

Loving You always !

Blessed Be... brother in God

Blessed Be... brother in God Berit...


DEAR MAESTRO, My favorite line in your HeavenLetter today is: 'IT IS FANTASY

That's the secret of it all. The Now of the Kingdom of Heaven is caught up in the music
of the spheres, I reckon. It's music I can remember that I love to dance to. IT'S OUR SONG! What a kick! God and I dancing to the music of the spheres! It's definitely
not a "dance macabre", is it. No. I happen to love Saint Saens's Danse Macabre, though.

Well, as I say in my comments so often, I don't know why I ever fell for the idea of
forgetting my hallowed origins, forgetting what's divine about Life! What a really stupid idea
that was!

Sometimes I have to drop

Sometimes I have to drop everything to swing by here and say WOW!

Dearest Heaven Admin, love

Dearest Heaven Admin,
love when you do that !!

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said We are One
One Indivisible One
One Reality

Love, Light and Aloha!