The Mounting of God's Love

God said:

I have said there are no little acts for they all have big influence. Yet, at the same time as you attend to the details of life, it is good to keep your attention on the greater. That is when you feel lost, when you are submerged in the surface of life, and forget for a moment what it is about and Whom it is for.

It is for Me. It is not for this or that. It is for Me. And so you are for Me, and you tend to Me. That is the easiest thing in the world to do, to let your heart rest in Mine. That is truly the only rest there is in the Human terrain of life.

Being alert to Me is restful.

Perhaps in deep sleep you are out of the fray of life for a while. Sleep is a great blessing, and I am happy it issued from My love for you, but it palls next to the rest in My arms and in My thought.

When you think of Me, you are picking up My thoughts of you. It is a good station to tune in to. There is nothing but rest in My thoughts. I Who am all energy expend none. When you rest in Me, you receive all.

Substitute the word "love" for the word "rest".

Melt into My love. Recognize it as yours.

There is One Love.

There is One Sun That Shines.

You might as well bask in it.

Let My light shine on you.

Put your face right up to it.

Meld into Our Oneness.

Our Oneness is more than solace.

Solace is inadequate.

Solace says there is something you need to recover from.

All you need to recover from is your absence from Me, and that is not recovery. That is rediscovery.

Rediscover Me. Discover Me again. And again and again. That is how you give to Me, and that is how you gain.

After all, dear ones, what can you give to Me but your attention? What other offering do you have?

Pick up on My love for you. It is vast. It is all-encompassing.

We play catch with love, you and I. My love just emanates. That is the nature of love. But you renew your energy when you give it back. There is no loss of love. There is only gain. Embrace My love. It is for you. It is yours.

I am not separate from My love. Nor must you be. You are part of My love. You are a ray of it. And you shine back to Me. You reflect My love. That is your way of saying you have received it. That is your way of saying Thank You.

I am The Light, and you are the light of the world. You are My light in the world. You are to light the world. You can light it only with My Light, for you have none of your own. It is all Mine, and therefore it is all yours. It is all yours to give.

It is not even exchange.

It is pure giving.

My light reaches everywhere.

It only needs to be seen.

Perhaps you can show it.

Perhaps you can beam your reflection of My light so that it is seen.

Notice My light, and you will reveal it to others. By itself, it will be revealed to others. You who are a receiver of My love automatically relay it. It is not your effort that reveals it, but My Will. My Will reveals My light that shines in you.

Why would you not reveal Me to the world? Why would you keep Me for yourself? Why would you put Me in a basket and cover Me with a cloth?

Bare Me. You are vulnerable only to My love.

Mount My love, and ride with Me.