Let Your Thoughts Rise

God said:

Where do negative thoughts come from?

Where does positivity come from?

It is like you reach up and catch them from the sky.

Decide ahead of time which you will pluck. Where will your attention go? Where has your attention been going?

Negativity is rampant. It has become a way of life. All you need to do is to turn on to another circuit. It is easy to do.

All the positivity in the world is waiting for you to claim it. Why would you choose less than gold?

If you were offered a dirty string or a chain of gold, there is no doubt which you would choose. And yet you may have chosen old worn-out thoughts of helplessness.

You do choose your thoughts. They do not come to you unannounced. Pay attention to your thoughts. You are the wielder of them. Be conscious of what you are thinking. You bring to you what you think about. You bring to the world what you think about.

Bring that which you care to have.

Make every thought a blessing.

Negative thinking does not have to get its teeth into you.

When you find that a negative thought has come, notice it and laugh at it and substitute another thought.

Just as in life, if someone were whipping you, you would move away from them, so now move away from negative thinking. Depart from it. You do not have to be at the mercy of negative thoughts. They are not more powerful than you.

Negative thoughts are like tunes that have gotten into your head. You have replayed them. Now throw those records away. Do not keep that which is not useful for you. Do not hoard old thoughts. Do not perpetuate them. Discard them.

You vibrate to the thoughts that you have. What vibrations do you want? Thoughts can pull you up, or they can pull you down. Which do you choose?

You are a chooser of your thoughts. You are not a victim. You are not hapless or helpless.

You are the captain of a fishing boat, and you can pull in the fish you want to catch. You choose which thoughts to swallow.

What do you think My thinking is? Do you think that I point out each little flaw? Do you think I pout at those who do not think about Me except to curse? Do you think that I sit around bemoaning the state of the world and what has transpired? I look from a different height, and I see a different way. I go beyond the surface events, and so must you.

Whatever transpires, I shine My light. I never withhold it. I never debate it. I shine it. I never let Myself down, and so I uphold you.

Enter the stream of love with Me. That is all you have to do. Negative thoughts are extraneous. They are not the truth. Do not swim in them. You do so only by default.

Choose evolution. Choose the mainstream of life. Enter a beautiful lake of thought where light shimmers and whales of gold leap.

Let your thoughts be golden. Let them be worthy of a child of Mine. Hold your thoughts up high so that I may see them. Show Me the gold of you. Think as I do. Relay My thinking. Send your thoughts to the winds. Let them travel the universe. Gird the universe with your thoughts. Uphold the universe with your lighted thoughts. It is not only for yourself that you think.

Negativity cannot bear the light. And you are not a bearer of negativity. You are a bearer of My light. Do not dim even a thread of My light. Your thoughts instigate the world. Let your thoughts rise so that the world is lit.