Ideas, Desires, Dreams, Creativity

God said:

Why are there mountains? So you can climb them.

Why are there mountains? So you can climb them and see over them.

Why are there mountains? So you can climb them and see over them and learn, once and for all, that you go where you see.

See something, and you will go to it. When you don't see it, it might as well not be there.

A mountain of treasures could be before you, but if you do not see the treasures, they are out of your sight, and so they are out of your grasp.

When you see the treasures before you, they are in your grasp. Your eyes have seized upon them, and you have made them yours.

Unseen, they are not in your awareness.

Seen, they don't leave you.

Anyone knows that there is something on the other side of a mountain, on the other side of the world, on the other side of your thinking.

Perhaps it is time to reverse your thoughts.

If you think, "I can't do that", begin to think, "I can do that." Do not put yourself out of the race before you start.

If you think, "I am not smart enough", begin to think, "I am more than smart enough. I am smart beyond measure. I am God's, after all."

Begin to think, "If I have an idea as big as a dream, I have it for a reason. The idea is to stir me, not for me to toss it away. I will follow my ideas and see where they take me. Dreams come to me for good cause."

If you think, "I am not good enough", put that thought away, but keep your dream. Do not dismiss your ideas like children in a classroom. School is not over. Dismiss any idea that you are not good enough to have a great idea, or too young or too old or too far away from it. You are the one who had it. It was meant to come to you. An idea found you.

Your ideas are lures to more ideas and to greater dreams and to greater magnificence in the design of life. Your life wields great power. Your ideas do not lead you astray. They lead you.

Do not analyze your ideas so much. Do not find the fault in them. You can always find the fault. Never mind the hazardous reasons not to do. There are more reasons to do. At the very least, it is yours to do because the idea came to you.

It is not the world that cuts you down. You cut yourself down. Often, when a branch of you starts to grow, you cut it down. You snap it off. "Better I snap it off than someone else," you think to yourself. "Better not to follow a dream than to attempt and fail." Stop admonishing yourself.

Begin to support your dreams and bring them to fruition. Your dreams are not elusive. You elude them.

If you think you don't have any upward or forward-moving ideas, you have been blocking them — or trying to force them. Ideas and dreams come on their own. They are not yours, after all. They are My ideas that come to you. Begin to dare yourself to follow the ideas that come to you. I strew them in your path. Grab them. Do not be afraid of them. Failure is a man-made concept. It is not Mine at all. Adopt My concepts, and not the vagrant ones of the world. Remember Who you are, and idle a while with Me.

Many times My children have a thought, an idea, a dream, a desire, and they peruse the steps and they peruse the outcome before they begin. Don't do that anymore. Life is not a business for which you must total columns and figure out overt profit ahead of time. That is an anathema to progress. Progress is not to be measured in the end result. It is not to be measured in its increments either. It is not to be measured at all.

Life is not a business enterprise. It is not weights and measures.

A desire is an impulse. The strength of your desire will carry you. No matter how well-analyzed and profitable projected results may be, the results do not carry you. The result is not enough. It is your desires that fuel you, not the outcome. Within the desire lies the power.

If something is not worth for you to do for itself, for the joy of doing, it is not your desire, or it is your desire quashed. How something turns out in life is not the reason for it. If that is your thinking, you are missing something, you are missing something important.

You cannot keep having energy to do things because they may likely or even certainly bring you something at the end of them. Creating is not like that.

No one can create a great novel in order to win a Pullitzer prize. Even if at the end of your 500 pages, you knew you were guaranteed the prize, the prize could not carry you through the writing. Your deep desire to express something can carry you, however. It can carry you farther than any worldly prize.

Weigh all the worldly matters that you want. Business is a worldly matter. Fine, consider the dollars and cents.

But creating is another story. Creating is not a worldly matter. Creating is for itself; it is its own energy. The creation you partake in may gratify the world, and it may bring you money, but the material is not what creating is for. The act of creating, which is the same as pursuing your dreams for their own sake, is its own reward. The privilege of creating is its inherent blessing. Creating is like love. It is love. It is for the expression of itself.