The Momentum of Love

God said:

To Me, you are like a flower that I lovingly water every day. Every day I see how you are growing, and how your petals open and how your roots grow deeper into My heart. I see you blossom, and I see your leaves reach to the sun, and I lift you to Me. I whisper tributes in your ear. I love every underleaf of you. My heart flip-flops in joy as I look at you and watch you grow and see how you turn this way and that to follow the sun and to follow Me.

You grow to My heart. The bigger you grow, the more you fit in, the more you establish yourself right where you are meant to be. You are meant to line My heart, just as I line yours. You are the soft lining of My heart. You are much like the ocean waves as you line My heart, ever surging, ever flowing, ever delighting Me.

We sit in a swing together, you and I. We are like a pendulum that swings. We are like a beautiful star that follows its orbit. At the same time, We are fixed stars, and where We are, everyone knows. The song We sing is on the verge of being sung everywhere. I have been singing it for a long time, as time is figured on Earth, and now you are joining in with Me, and now the song shall be heard, and now the song will be sung, and We will sing it as We have long longed to. The pendulum swings, and it swings love. Our love is like an incense burner at church that swings back and forth, reaching everywhere, swirling its lovely scent everywhere.

You may not see the incense. You may not know where it comes from, but you have a sense of it. It enters your cells now, and will never leave. You are notably becoming the nectar of Heaven. You, beloveds, are the very breath I take. I breathe you in and out, although there is never an out, just you held between worlds in My love.

Would you jump off from your perch in My heart? I hardly think so. You are so deep in My heart, and it is so wonderful with you here. I would never let you go, and you would never think of leaving either as We swing our love all over the Cosmos. How sweetly Our love resurges the beautiful world and all the hearts in it!

You have come to Me, beloveds. In your awareness, you have come. It is like We live in a condo, and how neighborly We are. How friendly and hospitable. How gracious. There is no greater joy than to be united as One, and so We are, so We are.

What do you think the world looks like when you view it from My heart? What can the world look like stirred in My heart? What demarcation can there be? What fault line? What eruption where love and Beingness reign?

There is no break in the momentum of love, and the momentum has started. The momentum only gains, and the incense-burner of Our love swings wider and wider. It swings so wide there is no motion to be seen. The world, Our love, becomes a rocking lilt, and love is declared everywhere. It gets in everyone's eyes. How bright the world becomes, and dimness no longer exists. Only beating hearts of love exist, and they exist now, and you are beginning to see the love that climbs the mountains and twirls the stars and so We twirl through the Universe, buoyed lightly by the love that We are.

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Today - Has become my "Inner Freedom Day"

Right after I wrote the email I'll add below and sent it to my dearest friend, I next read today's Letter From Heaven. It was such a perfect letter to receive that I feel hugged. Thank you.
My email said:
I don't know why, but this morning when I woke up at four and started praying and talking to God, I suddenly had so much clarity on the chain of events in my life from this day back to age 16 that I discovered many real truths about myself and my choices/actions.

It was like a complete "connect the dots" which allowed me an understanding on a level I'd never before managed to find. I could objectively see how I'd either manipulated or accepted people and events. (I've tried doing this before but it was too painful for me to clearly look at my mistakes, mishandling, confusion, failures, and regrets over unworthy actions and I would avoid the self-examination.) For some reason this morning I could look at it all without judging myself. I could see why my reasoning and thoughts had been a certain way, and why I took certain selfish or unworthy actions... all of it was driven by fear, but seeking emotional and financial security.

An important breakthrough this morning was that when looking at the things I have done that I know hurt or affected others negatively while regretting those actions, I can finally underneath it all see my basically good heart and know that I am forgiven. Before I always became paralyzed by my regrets and rushed away from examining those memories and thoughts that were too terribly painful. Obviously, doing that keeps one from gaining a perspective of clarity.

Most importantly, I could see the fear-based ways, actions and choices are something I no longer have need of and I feel free to view situations in ways I never have before, and really make new choices.

Thank you for your part in my new-found inner freedom.
Love you,

Very very powerful stuff

Very very powerful stuff Barbara!

lovly letter

dear Barbara,
thank you for your expression felling
so lovely story thank you for your sharing
your lovly letter and powerful,
love and joy,,



thank you Lord God,,
you put planer of love of my hearth to grow and to know your love,
to laern how to love you, i want to thankful, you are deep of my hearth,
thank you of my life you give to me,
i Love you my Lord,


im sory

im sory it wrong spelling
my planter of my hearth

Spellng is not important.

Spellng is not important. Your heart is, and your heart is beautiful.

I am so proud of you for posting, dear Carmen.

Today's Heavenletter like

Today's Heavenletter like many HL's is yet another reminder of how welcomed and loved we are by the Universe.

We so long to feel loved and good about ourselves. Why something so natural needs to be regained is sad, but needed. HL is part of that longing call to be reminded of what we should already know, what should have been the main message of our birth.

In one of my newsletters I addressed this in a piece "What every baby needs to hear"

What every baby needs to hear:
The other nite (now a few weeks ago) I had this thought and sent a letter to a recent new mother . Here it is:


I just had a thought, I know not why, but I thought that every baby that comes into this world should be told these things over and over especially the 1st 3 years of their life.

"No matter what happens, you will always be a happy, healthy person with great self esteem and self worth."


dear Maro,,

thank you for your masseges
to share of us it beauteful,

Marco we are de same thougth,
we are de same i dia,
and i already work of it
and i love chaild play and love,
thank you , your masseges Marco,
love and joy,


Peace, love and joy right

Peace, love and joy right back at you Carmen!
God bless you..........

thank you,

dear Gloria,,
thank you so much for your understand me,,

Immersing oneself in God's Love.

This is what this HL feels like: To effortless live Life from the living, loving waters of our Father-Mother's Heart. To float and drift without a single thought of what to do...what to accomplish. Just to be the love that we have fallaciously sought elsewhere. To immerse ourselves in this quiet pool of stillness. And then, from this, appropriate action a lotus blossom gently opens. No hurry or worry to be found anywhere! Loving you always, Jim.

Jim , I think life brings,

Thanks Jim , I think life brings, for most people, way more challenges than to just float effortlessly in good feelings.

That said, if those same people were to come from a deeper feeling place of peace, love and light and allow more of those feelings to guide them, then I think they would float a little more effortlessly.

HL and other like minded sources are the perfect tonics for them,us to drink.

And yes, it (HL) can feel and bring us to such a place.

If you are there, that is a grand place to be, stay, sustain and expand. I too work, play and practice to be there as often as I am able.

Thank you Marko...

Yes Marko...and I do believe that each and every moment of our existence here on Earth presents a choice-point. To do things in the familiar, mass-consciousness kind of way: i.e. live from the mind with its endless capacity to "challenge" and confuse and seduce and its very convincing the future or the past. (anticipations or regrets) take a giant leap of faith....and live from the serenity of ones Heart...where love abides...and where appropriate action is gently birthed. May we all live from this miraculous Heart more and more and more. Love and blessings, Jim. ps..."I" have birthed some art. Take a look under my recent posts in the creative/writing category.

I saw the rock photos Jim

I saw the rock photos Jim thanks.

I noticed that out of 25 more recent posts in the creative writing forum 19 of them had no responses.

It does not seem like that area has a lot of traffic or interest for people at this time.

Marko, you know there are

Marko, you know there are many more people who come to this blog, who read it and don't respond to anything, than those who respond. I believe we have almost 600 people registered plus there are many more who are not registered. Most people do not post.

Responses are wonderful and welcome, but because there are not responses doesn't mean that what we post isn't read. We post what we post because we want to. Poetry is precious. We have extremely talented poets on this site. Because there aren't responses doesn't mean that it's not appreciated. There is something very good all way round, I believe, in just posting.

We all like response, of course.

Many people just don't have anything particular to say. Many may feel what they have to say isn't "good enough." All comments are welcome.

Gloria, you've said a

Gloria, you've said a familiar truth about postings and non postings. I also feel that what a few say who do post, may speak for how others feel that don't.

Some may just not have enough free time to post even though they read. Blessings and Appreciations 2U.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
I see how you are growing
Into Our One Heart

God said now is time
Establish Me where you are
Reaching everywhere

Love, Light and Aloha!