The Main Theme of Your Life

God said:

Wait until you find yourself calm and content without a fear in the world.

I don't mean for you to wait exactly. I mean rather to express:

Won't you be overjoyed when your internal eternal Day of Peace comes to you, and you know calm, even serenity. Certainly, you will simply know peace.  Certainly, you will not be in a frenzy about anything.

Yes, wow, look at all the emptiness of fullness you will have. There will be no time getting in your way. Space will be blank. Matter will not overwhelm you. You will be totally and infinitely settled with Me. We will be forever in Unison as We sing the Song of Life and create Odes to Life for the joy of it.

What a difference your life will make when you recognize Our Union. In Unity, there is nothing to take care of but to live life and love Life as it appears. Yes, let's sing an Ode to Life, for Life is Magnificent, and you and I make up One Magnificent Life. We are not just a part of life, but the whole of it. We are Life Itself. We are Life.

You win in the Lottery of Life. You win for all. You cannot win the lottery just for yourself, for you share Life like air. There is no withholding from others. You will come to know others as your Self. You will live Oneness. You will know only how to create a Paradise, and no less. There is no reason on Earth why you would want to create less than a Paradise.

You have had enough of less. You have had enough pain, and you have seen enough pain. You have not yet had and seen enough joy. You have looked around corners, expecting one kind of pain or another to be stalking you.

You begin to see and experience Life from another level and another angle. Oneness leaves no room for selfishness. This is your ego We are talking about, not ego in general. When you feel overlooked, you pull out the guns of ego. In Oneness, you see blessings all way around. In love, immersed in Vastness, who would even think of wasting life in pettiness? Viva Vastness! Viva the One Heart in the world.

When you know Oneness, you cannot even imagine abandonment of any kind. You cannot imagine loss, for ownership is not a concept you grasp any longer. You are already rich. All is free. All is shared. There is no not sharing. There is only One Heartbeat. You cannot unshare that which is already shared. You come to a state where love cannot be taken out of any equation. That All Are One is not disputed. When the whole pie is yours anyway, what need do you have to want someone else's slice?

The whole world is yours. Rather, the whole Universe is yours. You are a High Star who has come to Earth to light it. This is the true story of your Life. All the imagined striving is fiction-filled. Friction-filled as well, just a diversion from the main theme of Life – your Life.

Yet there is no "your" Life, for the Truth of Life is Oneness. There is no other train track to run on. For a while, you imagine there is. For a while you stir the paint around and forget the picture you came here to paint. You get caught up in tomfoolery until you recall what you are really here for. Then you make up for lost time. But, of course, there is no time, so you haven't really lost it.

You live on more than one level even when the idea that you are a star come to light the Earth has temporarily flown from your mind. What is buried, you can dig up. You will recall your purpose here, and you will join all hearts and souls and love them as yourself which now means as My Self before you.

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Ah, this is freedom to be Who You Really Are.

You, who are Creation, will create, and you will know yourself as a Creator of Wonder. You will no longer wonder about your capabilities and worth to the world. You will soar, and you will soar, not for yourself, but for the world.

This is the Arrival of Oneness on Earth. It has been destined, and you are fulfilling the destiny that was drawn from the birth of the Universe. So be it.

(from Heavenletter #4882)

It is amazing how you find

It is amazing how you find such deep and related quotations, Adam Michael. How do you do it? Thank you.

in a word..


..or at least that's the response that I've been considering the
most since this most recent time you've asked the question. I think I may have made the synchronicities become stronger as I came to expect them more, and repeatedly affirmed their existence by my thoughts and words. However, I also think there may be other factors at play.

Other than that, I will say as before that I almost always pick the "parallel passages" I post from the first heavenletter returned when I click on the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator link near the top of the right sidebar. >>

I'm sorry it took me so long to respond Gloria. It feels very difficult to answer this question, but maybe I will have more to say about it soon. I do hope I have helped answer your question at least partially. Thank you for asking! And so very much for encouraging me to speak!! :-)

Love and Blessings to All.

MORE, please, Adam Michael!

MORE, please, Adam Michael!

When I pick quotes from the Heavenletter Generator

When I pick quotes from whatever letter the generator returns to me, I usually do my best to strike a balance between focusing on synchronicity, picking quotes that are personally meaningful to me, trying to keep them short, and keeping the overall flow intact. At times however, some of these considerations are favored over others.

The reason I always include a link back to the quoted heavenletter is to make it easier for anyone who might want to see the entire content and context. Let's just call it a personal preference. :-)


I know time is an illusion because I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears and felt with my own heart, human consciousness, not only reaching out across distances, but also traveling and communicating in both directions across decades of time. Conciousness sensing itself, recognizing itself, connecting with itself, mixing with itself and amplifying itself, all the while radiating amplified and infinite love and joy and gratitude back out into the Universe in all directions.

And so, I believe it is possible that God speaks to me through Heavenletters intentionally, regardless of the date they happen to have been written.

And so it is.

And I am grateful. :-)


God said there is no We, there is only I
God said there is no All, there is only One
God said there is no Time, there is only Infinity

Infinite Blessings Of Oneness, The I Am We All Are

Love You Adam Michael

With All of My Heart.

Thank You Christine

I Love You in Entirely the same way!

Please forgive my hesitation..
God says I have been afraid of being the love that I am.

..sounds a bit preposterous, doesn't it?

No it does not sound preposterous Adam

Sweet Innocence is so Innocent that it believes lies and all of humanity has been programmed incorrectly to some extent. I am grateful for this time of waking up, growing up, showing up and cleaning up. I am also grateful to Be in the Heaven Letter Family of Love and Compassion and Eternal Forgiveness.

I love you. Yes, I love you.

I love you. Yes, I love you. I love you more than you can fathom. You are, it seems, actually shy of love. You are afraid it is too much for you. (Heavenletter #4882)

On earth, you yearn for true love to come to you when it is you who has to put love forth —then you will see it coming. You are hesitant about love. You fear it is a hurricane, and you fear to unleash it.

What is your love afraid of? That it will be discovered?

Unmask it. Only love is real. Anything else is simulation. Anything else is some kind of board game that you enter into and take oh so seriously.

Unscramble your beating heart of love. Take it out. Serve it up. To be afraid of being the love you are? that is preposterous. What I say must be so.

(from Heavenletter #713)

Sweet Innocence

Sweet, sweet Innocence I apologize for your pain. Please forgive me sweet Innocence and Love Me once again. I AM Loving Me for Eternity Sweet Innocence and I AM the best Lover for You Sweet Innocence there will ever Be. Loving You Sweet Innocence mean Loving Me. We are United in Holy Matrimony. A Sweet Innocent Expression of Unity's Divinity. I AM grateful for Our Shared Divinity.

Sweet Innocence, we are

Sweet Innocence, we are becoming a great Circle of Love

Your words melt my heart

Your words melt my heart Christine..

I look forward hopefully and eagerly to the day that I too am able to express myself so eloquently and confidently.

Thank you for being here, thank you for being you, and thank you for sharing your love!!!