Love on Earth as in Heaven

God said:

Once upon a time, and not so long ago, you had all the knowledge of Heaven. The knowledge of Heaven is love. And you had the supreme knowledge that you were love, the whole of it, and that was Heaven.

And now that you are on earth, you are learning the knowledge of earth. The knowledge on earth is the same knowledge of love, but on earth, you have to come to it. It is all there, all handed to you, all contained and sustained within you, yet you have to discover it in the sense that you have to recognize it and allow it to come out in the light of day. Love isn't different here or there. Love is love, only you see it differently when you think it is something outside you that you see from afar.

On earth, you yearn for true love to come to you when it is you who has to put love forth —then you will see it coming. You are hesitant about love. You fear it is a hurricane, and you fear to unleash it.

You think love is something that happens or something you do when all the while love is something you are. We can say you give it, but the giving is no more than being in your truth so that the love you are may be perceived in action, but love itself is no action at all. It is a state of being. It is your state of being. You cannot lose it. But you can hide it, from yourself and from the world. You've done a good job of that. Would that your energy would go into the revelation of your inborn unbounded love. What a revolution that would be! The world would flip over in immaculate joy.

How can it be that, when all you are and what all the other beings on Earth are is love, that this love is hidden, unrevealed, masked, sought after, unrequited, dropped and so on? How can the same love that is in Heaven and on Earth be so torn up, so disheveled, so distorted that it sometimes is even called hate? How can it be that you turn away from yourself and look for yourself in others? How can it be that you, through whom the blood of love flows, think you are anemic, undernourished, lacking, disjointed, demarked, demeaned, disavowed, disenchanted, disowned, defrocked?

How can you be so far away from truth when it is the easiest thing in the world to unmask your self of love to the world? What is your love afraid of? That it will be discovered? Do you think it is a sissy act to acclaim and accord the love you are?

It would seem to Me, looking at the state of the world, that it is a brave thing to do. Somehow, in the in's and out's of the world, it takes courage to be the beautiful being that you are. Even in the privacy of your heart, it takes courage. It takes daring. It takes aplomb.

It would seem you have to become like a swashbuckling hero in this world to proclaim your love, jump on tables, leap across chandeliers, run up and down walls of separation. Your opponent is misery. You disband it with love, for it is only a disguise. Unmask it. Only love is real. Anything else is simulation. Anything else is some kind of board game that you enter into and take oh so seriously.

Unscramble your beating heart of love. Take it out. Serve it up. To be afraid of being the love you are? that is preposterous. What I say must be so.