The Loving Opportunity of Life

God said:

I hear My children cry out:

“My God of Heaven, My Illustrious God, My Love, My Goodness and Vision, Entrepreneur of My Heart, My Life’s Blood, My Heart, My Teacher, You hold Me in Your Hand. You are the Light of the Universe. In one swoop, You hold us all in Your Hand, Your Heart, Your Soul. You are beyond Soul. You are Oneness. You are the Tie That Makes us One, yet You are not the tie that binds. You give us the Freedom to go beyond our little selves, these masqueraders who seem to overtake our lives. You are our Freedom Fighter, only You do not fight.

“You give us Your Being. You breathe Life into Us. If we are embers, You blow on our flame and keep us going. You have programmed our bodies, yet our Evolution, You deem it ours, and, yet, just the same, You push and pull us forward. You beckon. In sweetness, You beckon. You do not resist us. We resist You, yet at the same time, You are irresistible. You sweep us up in Your arms, and we recognize that You are what we have always wanted. We have felt alone and abandoned, yet it is we who have sequestered ourselves.

“We fashioned hairdos and moustaches, and we took our little selves oh so seriously, and we pranced and more or less pretended to play while we trapped ourselves in an illusion of danger. We have been so fearful. We have even considered ourselves an endangered species.

“Most dear God, with all respect to You, despite the beauty and love that are apparent on Earth, we have sometimes felt that Earth is a kind of torture chamber You have corralled us in, as though we are cattle fenced in by an electric fence.

“In any case, we learn soon or late that we are discovering You in our lives, and You are Love. We are getting to rise above the limiting fences of the world. You do not build the fences. It is we who bind ourselves and wound ourselves and look at others as the culprits and, sometimes, we look at You as the Grand Culprit, the Eternal Culprit who puts us in motion and sets up impediments.

“We are not fair to You, God, and this is our suffering. We taught it to ourselves. We see Your Love for little birds, and, even so, some little birds are caged, and some little birds are injured, and every birdling that sings now will not always be here to sing. Each will be replaced, and this is a synopsis of life on Earth for human beings as well, for we see it coming. Do the little innocent birds think ahead like that? They must not, for they do not embody fear the way we human beings do.”

I answer you:

Beloved Child, the sweet animals of the Earth do not have all the choices you do. They stay true to themselves and their nature. They do not ponder on death, and, yet, they know death when it comes to themselves or to another. All My instructions the birds of Earth have within them, and they accept. We can say that the animals of the Earth accept, and you do not. They do not see death as a price they pay. They do not question. They understand very well that God’s Will be done. They see that death of the body is part of life like the rain that comes and the sun that shines.

The dear animals do not think that what happens should not happen. They do not fight the Love of God. They do not have the words to speak, yet they have the heart that knows, and so do you. The Birds of the Earth sing and embrace, while My children may stamp their feet and certainly do not condone areas of life that they see as unfair and unloving and that should not exist at all.

Of course, I gave you the choice. You will find your way because I gave you the ability to grow as a blessing upon Earth. You will come to see from a higher post, and you will glory in the Loving Opportunity of Life that I, God, have wrought.

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Loving opportunity of life

The relationship in between human and god is really amazing; whenever we are suffering from worst problems and worst situations we are looking for the only option that is god. We used to pray our best to stay in touch with god. Basically to get mental peace and relax we should be in the custody of god and I hope each and every problem which makes us worried are easily reduced. Therefore we should be fair and true in the relationship with god.

Yes, dear Ian. At the same

Yes, dear Ian.

At the same time, I believe God tells us: No shoulds!

How freeing that is.


I didn't understand what are you saying about.

Beloved Windowsclassroom, we

Beloved Windowsclassroom, we don't have to understand everything. It's okay. This is how I see it. You're FINE!