The Light of Lights

God said:

Consciously see bright light entering your head. Move it toward you with your hands the way you might splash water on your face. Usher the light your way. Fill your head with bright streams of white light, or golden if you prefer.

From the crannies of your mind, this bright light will begin to fill the corpuscles of your body. This light will stream through you the same way it streams from Heaven. This light will circulate through you, and then it will visibly emanate from you. You will sense that your entire body is entirely surrounded by this same white light that streams through you and bursts through with joy. You might call this light aura. In any case, it is light. It radiates an inch now. An inch grows an inch and becomes two, and this gilded light begins to spread to the corners of the room you sit in. Then it passes the walls and embraces your yard. This light simply goes through boundaries. Boundaries are nothing to this light.

And now the light goes further until the whole globe of Earth is ensconced in white light. From the Earth the white knights of light capture the galaxies beyond, until you comprehend that there is nothing but light you breathe.

With the disappearance of boundaries, there is light. No longer will boundaries bind. You will break through them. You will break through them, not as police knock down a door, but as God’s light that enters as if there were no boundaries at all to break, which is the case.

Or consider boundaries like ribbons you break through as you win the race.

Or consider boundaries like clouds that float away.

Or do not consider boundaries at all. Boundaries are simply thoughts that have entered your head. And now My light disperses them.

I present My light to you, and I ask you to use it. Fill your heart with it, beloveds. Fill the cup of life. Let your life be lighted.

Rest assured in the light of God that you know as love. Nothing but love fills you. Nothing but love do you live in. Let love be the field of your life. Be a demonstrator of love in whichever form presents itself to you.

Consider life a parade. What float will you make? What float will you ride in? Will you ride for Me in a splendid raft?

There is light on Earth as there is in Heaven. From light you have come, and light you are, and to light you return. So what can all the fuss be about? All the fuss is merely a skirmish, a tiny skirmish on an imagined surface. Imagined or not, fill the surface with light as a reminder of the True Light that exists and is all that exists. There is merit in acknowledging your light. From your light, light is known.

You are not a sputter of light. You are light. You are light entire. Can you possibly think that a match I have lit could go out? Do you think there is anything that could possibly dim My light? No, My light outshines darkness. My light is the absence of darkness, and so is yours.

How did darkness creep in to life on Earth, you ask.

I answer: the same way it crept in, it will creep out. Light will not allow the presence of darkness. More light in, more light out. Turn all the lights on, and where can darkness hide? Darkness has no choice but to back out, and you have no choice but to let light in. There is no puzzle here. No grandiloquent thought is required. To let light in, you let it in. First you let it in to yourself. Let it in by acknowledging it. Confirm now that you are made of light, and lighted you shall be, and light you shall give for all the world to see.

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More light in, more light out.

When I read this the first time many months ago, I felt uneasy. Is this some kind of New-Age spiritual calisthenics?

How wonderful now to feel some of it.
How did darkness creep in to life on Earth, you ask.

I answer: the same way it crept in, it will creep out.