Make Way for Ducklings

God said:

If you did not have so many thoughts, you would feel happier. Your errant mind seeks for cause and effect, leaving you high and dry, or in a maelstrom of eddying thoughts. Your mind tries to make much of things, and you let it.

You make a production out of what someone says, and you make a production out of what you say to yourself. Your mind becomes a speeding train that won’t stop and won’t let you get off. Your mind makes a lot of noise as it stays on a single track.

Would you not be happier if your mind did not take you for a ride? It takes you up and down the same hills. Sometimes it skids. Certainly your thoughts wear you out, one catapulting thought on top of another. And so My children look for louder noise in the world to drown out their own thoughts.

You would rather scream on a roller coaster than to be left alone with your own thoughts. So, now, let’s raise your thoughts higher. We will take them to another realm, where thoughts work for you and carry you, more like a torch than a heavy grip that weighs you down.

You can order your thoughts. You can take your mind off those dead ends. You can will your thoughts to be wonderful. Your thoughts are already powerful. Let them also be wonderful, and more power to you.

What value can there be in hashing over that which is unappealing? What value can there not be in looking upward? If you desire beauty, then look at it. If you desire joy, feel it. You can commandeer your thoughts. Pretend for a moment that your thoughts are ducklings, and you line them up and gently corral them to go where you want, not leaving it up to chance, not making yourself a willing victim to your thoughts.

Let your thoughts be employees that work for you, look out for you, tend to business. You would not keep a negative employee who tripped you up at every turn. And yet you feel a loyalty to your thoughts, as if you have to keep them in mind no matter what.

I do not mean that you whip your thoughts back. True, they may have been whipping you, but now you let them go without malice. They have had their say. They are like left-over stew you put away. You have had enough. You want no more left-overs. You want some fresh thoughts. And you deserve.

Yes, have a thought you never had before. Think a magnificent thought! What might it be. Name some. Let them come running in and take a seat in your mind. Let your thoughts be friends that you want to have over. Let your thoughts be great, for they will stir you to Greatness. They will pull Greatness to you. You will not be able to get away from it. You will be like the champion a team carries on their shoulders. You will be hoisted to Greatness. And all this because of your thoughts.

I tell you not to be concerned with cause and effect, but know that every thought of yours has an effect, but don’t try to follow its course. Let how your thoughts make you feel be the prod to change them or to keep them. How do you want to feel? How do you want to think? Then what prevents you but another thought in your head that is taking up space, crowding you, pushing new thought away?

Make way for ducklings of new thoughts.