The Light Given to You

God said:

Everyone you meet, everyone you know, is looking for Me. Everyone who contacts you is hoping to locate Me through you. They may not know this, but now you know this. This is across the board. There are no exceptions.

Transactions in the world are so I can be exchanged. Everyone wants more of Me. You crave more of Me. Sometimes you are desperate for more of Me. You cry out in diverse ways.

Even though you have to find Me yourself and no one can do it for you, others can give you glimpses, some barely noticed, low-key, others dramatic, some short-lived, some long-lived. Regardless, every door you knock on, you are knocking to find the door to Heaven. While one script is played out on the surface, another one, more subdued and yet more constant, is going on beneath the surface. Sometimes the surface and the deeper belie each other.

All Humans who cross your path, or you cross theirs, regardless of their demeanor, are searching for Me through you, hoping above hope that you are the one to deliver the key to their hearts. All Human souls are asking to be delivered to Me or I delivered to them. All their wandering is their search for Me. Be it in bar or church, the search is on.

If you could accept this truth of life in your heart, what difference would it make to your life and the life of others?

Considerable, I would imagine.

You share Me with Me, for We are Seekers. I seek you. You seek Me. It is the same. Two magnets yearn to come together and never be separated again, even if the separation is illusion.

You would not deny Me My connection to you, would you? Would you deny another?

All this is another way of saying that you are My emissary on earth. You are meant to share Me. We are talking about your level of operation in the world. It does not have to be named. If it were named, it would be called in the Name of Love. This love you share is not proclaimed. It is not performed. It comes from your little awareness that this is what you do and this is what you are here on earth for.

We can call it in the Name of Energy. In the Name of Energy, you share My light. You emanate it. After all, all love and all energy come from a Source, and I am that Source. You are an outsource.

You are meant to be a Lighthouse that leads others safely to shore. Your light is seen for miles. When passing ships behold your light, they are heartened. You help ships find their way. A lighthouse is for all ships. Its beacon light shines for all the same. A lighthouse is not a reactor. It is a giver. You merely pass light on. It is My light you pass on. You pass it on without fanfare.

With the first person you see today, hold in your mind that you are an emanater of My light. All you have to do is start your day with that awareness, and then you become like a King who knights all those before him.

From light you came, and light you are, and light you give. There is nothing else to give, and there is nothing else you must. But this one thing, you must give regularly, for light was given to you to shine.