The Land of Enlightenment

God said:

You have a calling. You may not know what your calling is, yet your calling will find you. Life will take you by the hand or Life grabs you by the neck, or it grabs you by the ear, or it shoves you, and you are pulled or pushed forward. Ultimately, you have no say about it. Your calling will come forward. You might as well surrender now.

You are going faster and faster in this whirling Universe. You may be going so fast that you feel slowed down. Ho ho, you are really going faster until you know Stillness and only Stillness or Silence or Vastness or Infinity. Of course, the word doesn't matter. The Realization matters.

You, who are Born of Spirit, recognize your Self. Your Life, as you see it, is changed forever. You cannot go back into ignorance. You may try, yet you can't. You may want to sink into an old comfortable couch, yet you will find that the old couch is no longer comfortable. You just can't stay there.

A New State of Conscious arises. It can no longer be the old State. You are a Spark of Light lighted. Light is always new. You will become comfortable with Brighter Light. You will embrace it. You will run with it. You will soar with the Brightness of All That You Are.

You will look for Me, and you will find Me. You have been seeking Me all along.

You will surely enter the Land of Enlightenment. It may take you a while to recognize where you are. Being where you are and realizing where you are do not always keep the same pace. All the same, you are where you are – ready or not.

There are some matters that you have no choice about. There are some matters you choose that you may have forgotten that you pledged to choose. If you are here on Earth, you chose to be here, and you chose to be lighted here. You chose to be more than you may presently think you are. You chose to be My Bright Light on Earth. At some point, you will no longer deny that you are the Light of the World. It could be today. Why not today? Do you have another appointment more pressing?

Once, you were blind, and now you see. Once you were lame, and now you want to run at the speed of light. Or, you might want to run away from the light that you cannot escape. The old darkness may seem safe to you, yet you cannot hide in darkness any longer.

You are on a Crash Course to Enlightenment. Another way to say this is that you are fiercely on the trail for the Truth of Life, and nothing but the Truth.

What is True is True and doesn't vary. Truth is Truth, or it is not Truth. The Truth is the same Truth for all. You may have been taught or learned ideas that you call true that are not true at all.

Death has seemed true to you. The Truth is that there is no death except of the body. No offense to the body, but your physical presence is a coat you borrow for a while.

The body is a Miracle on its own, yet you will remove this borrowed coat and leave it behind. The Truth of You rises, and you have a High Time.

The concept of death that you have invested so much in is not Truth as you have believed. You refuse to not believe it. You hold onto this concept that makes you cry. You may feel that the ache you feel is your penance. Penance for what? I have no idea.

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What would you be without love in your heart?

In the medium of love, the past and its errors do not exist. In the medium of love, thought does not start. Thought is so minor next to love. In the medium of love, love exists, and it is enough. Nothing occupies like love. Nothing unites like love. Nothing unites your heart and mind like love. Nothing unites anything like love, and nothing unites without love.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life, but it is you who strews them as you go long. In this way, you have goodness and mercy on all sides, goodness and mercy surrounding you like leaves swirling around your feet in autumn.

Know once and for all that goodness and mercy shine on you like the radiating sun. Consider all the amazing overt and subtle things that the sun does for you without requiring that you be conscious of it. Sunshine works its magic on you with or without your awareness.

Mercy, the same. You have received God's mercy all your life, and it has graced you. Now it is time for you to know this and rise higher.

(from Heavenletter #1250)

Thank you Adam

As I witness how the tiny plants in my raised garden bed grow and become delicious food, I know too that I am of this garden and subject to its call. Goodness and Mercy are mine to claim and I do so with great joy, gratitude and appreciation.

your messages...

thank you so much for this one, The Land of Enlightenment

these are amazing words it

these are amazing words
it really takes you somewhere else

Do you have another appointment more pressing?

No dear God Uf I have not. Love Nirmala

Truth and nothing but The Truth

Yes, dear God. Reveal through me and as me, The Truth, and nothing but The Truth. Thy Will be done. Thank You