Your Life Is Your Interpretation of It

God said:

Sometimes you would prefer to be in the doldrums. Perhaps it gives you an opportunity to feel left out of joy. This can be called self-pity or drama. Dismiss the idea of your "lot in life." Your lot in life is your prerogative. Your lot in life is up to you.

From the outside, someone may live a most difficult life, yet he or she may be happier than someone else who, on the surface, leads a most blessed life.

Your life is what you name it.

In any case, you are a self-made man or woman.

Of course, some things in life are out of your hands, yet how you receive and deal with what life hands you – this is up to you. Therefore, your life is up to you. You are the weaver of your life. You have a vision of it, and you live up to your vision. Have a Grander Vision.

Perhaps you have never thought you could have a joyous life. Take to heart the idea that you can and will have a very happy life. Don't go by the past. Don't hold on to it. Don't salvage old ideas.

You are ever on a new cusp of life. There is no separation between you and Me except as you think so. Oneness is true. Separation is illusion. The idea of separation between Us is a perception in the world. It is not Truth. It doesn't matter if the whole world thinks we are separated, it is not Truth. It is a weird fantasy you have told yourself, and this fantasy doesn't serve you. It holds you back.

You have heard the expression: Attitude is everything.

Attitude is another way to state your perception. Of course, your perception creates your attitude. No longer think you would be kidding yourself to be a positive thinker.

Your perception, whether it is positive or negative, is like a menu you present for the next day. By your perception – too often a misperception – you write your menu for the day. This is what you do when you go by the past. Go by the past, and you sentence yourself to the past.

You project your perception of your life on a screen. You project your view of life. You are the projectionist. You go by what you see. Unless you see differently, you get caught into details. You turn the wheels of your life. Sooner or later, that which you say and that which you think show up in your life. This is one good reason why not to agonize or complain.

We can say that Life is impartial. Life hears you vibrate in a certain way. We can say that, like you, Life misinterprets. Life thinks you want the projections you suggest. Life takes your thoughts and words as requests.

Remember this the next time you hear yourself saying: "Life in the world is heartache. Life is unfair. Life gives me a hard time. I seem to wind up in a mess no matter how hard I try not to."

When you are petulant, you bring yourself plenty to be petulant about.

Come from a different platform.

It is like you are learning a new language. The new language you are learning is to prepare for new and greater blessings. You are rising higher in your speech and in your deeds and, in fact, in your day-to-day life.

Project on your screen what you want to appear before you today and tomorrow. Is this asking too much?

Prepare your menus. Change the picture you project on your screen. Make your picture what you want it to look like. Perhaps We are talking about bravery and courage enough to rearrange your life in the way you would like it to present itself. Your projection will enliven your life right before you very eyes.

What on Earth would you let stop you from doing this?