The Ever-Expandingness of Everything

God said:

Much can be said about the Internet.

I want to tell you that it is consciousness on the rise.

It gives you the experience of Oneness.

It gets you out of your bodyness.

Consciousness reaches and touches other consciousness.

It gives you practice.

It spreads your wings further.

It gives you a taste of Heaven.

It is not the parade of information I am speaking of. It is the essence I am speaking of.

You begin to experience how you are the giver and the receiver and that all is added unto you. You begin to experience that there is no distance, which happens to be the truth of life. You begin to have faint glimpses of timelessness and synchronicity and the interconnectedness of thought issuing from the heart. You begin to escape your nonexistent isolation.

What is it that reaches you on the Internet? It is energy.

The Internet is not slow motion. It is instant.

Everything is available to you, and you have only to log on.

The Internet gives you an extra opportunity to get a hang of My existence, where all is all at once and everywhere.

In terms of the relative, what a hodgepodge the Internet is.

But it, like all life, is not only made of the relative.

There is One Mind, and you catch particles of it.

The energy of true love is rampant on the airwaves and electronic wires. Love is beyond its waves and wires.

The Internet paints a picture. In a sense, it is like a great painting whose dimensions take your vision farther and farther, like a painting that takes you out of the picture it portrays into something beyond the picture itself.

There is nothing in life that cannot help you transcend its bounds. Everything, everything gives you an opportunity to expand your horizons. The horizons are contained within you and not merely before you. The horizons are your consciousness expanding, ever-widening, ever-deepening.

Words and pictures are a consolidation of thought. They are the heart trying to express itself which is the same as to say to find itself. Finding and expressing are like one motion; neither comes first, and each comes first.

Yet nothing is you. Your work is not you. And yet your work projects you. You are not your family, and yet your family projects you. Greatness can lie anywhere. Indeed, it lies everywhere. Your greatness lies everywhere. You are consciousness walking and talking and finding itself wherever it is.

Have respect for the Internet. Have respect for yourself. There is greatness everywhere. Is there not greatness even in a tiny seed? It contains everything.

The Internet is a mode of expression.

The Human mind and heart project the Internet, and yet the Human mind and heart are far more than what they project anywhere.

Come closer to My understanding, and you will know that even on an island, even in a tiny damp prison cell, even in physical duress, you contain everything. All is before you, around you, and within. Energy is not hidden. You may not see it, but it is not hidden.

You are the supreme content of all.

You are the supreme expression of all.

You are the seed of the universe, and you seed it with your thoughts. Let thoughts come from your heart and not the illusion of intellect. Let thoughts come from the depth that lies within you. Greatness is not far from you. It is within you, and it longs to be planted on earth right where you stand.