This Dawning Creation

God said:

Although it is not yourself you are to focus on, you are a focal point. You are pivotal. You are a gear in the wheel of life. Other gears revolve around you. You conduct energy. You stir the earth. You are not a cog. There are no cogs.

Gears run, sometimes silently. They do not need to make noise. They just have to exist, and in existing, they do their part in rolling out God's light on earth.

There are no masses. Such a thing does not exist. The word "masses" takes away your majesty. It is judgment that speaks of other hearts in such terms. If there are masses, then what are those who are not of the masses?

All are of Oneness.

You are a unique manifestation of the One Who Is.

Take care of how you refer to My created beings.

Love does not classify.

You are unclassified.

Christ saw One Being.

He did not see less than himself.

He saw only himself because he knew who he was.

He elevated others because he did not have to elevate himself.

He wasn't figuring out himself so he had no need to figure out others.

He dispatched My vision.

He was a laser of light. I worked through him. He was an innocent bystander of the magnificence of Humankind. He was My wand fully lit.

You are My wand, and I am lighting you. I am helping you turn on My light in you. I am helping you heal yourself of less than light. There is One Light, and you have it within you to shine. But you may have been waiting for light to shine on you.

The great sun in the sky of your earth life doesn't wait for another sun to shine before he does. He waits for nothing. He doesn't even wait for the dawn, for he is the dawn, and he brings himself everywhere. The sun is a gear of life and a reminder of what you are.

As you walk through your life today, see yourself as a reflector of My light. Keep in mind that where you walk, you light. You walk through your day, and you radiate light. The light of you meets the light of others. Wings of light touch. The light reverberates the universe.

The hand of God is in your heart. What is My hand but My light? What is My light but My mergence with you. So how can We differentiate? We are from beyond differentiation. We are undifferentiated. We are One.

Love doesn't mix something with something else. Love is unmixed because it is the law of creation. It is the original cause. What is already together has nothing to join to. It is already extant.

You are My thought which can only be love. We can say your existence foreshadows My love that is already in the light of itself. It is for you to bring the awareness of My love to the fore.

The earth you stand on is love.

You who stand on it are also love.

You are My light generated on earth in order to let Me be known, and you do that by letting yourself be known to yourself. In this sense, you come first. You have to go first. Like the sun, you do not wait for another. Be the first to get up, and by your very rising, announce Me to the universe which bears My Name. There is no one but you who can fill your part of this dawning creation and so fulfill My heart.