God's Destiny

God said:

There are no loose ends. You think life has loose ends, and that you are to pull them together. But you think that because you think that life is destined to follow your plan, and that something is amiss if it does not.

Do not try to mend life. If you do, you are trying to mend the past or unravel it. Of course, you can try that. You do try that, but it is more useful to move forward and make new stitches that come from today and not yesterday.

The past exists only as you think about it, and you think about it a lot. You mull it over and chew it and aggravate about it. You rue it, or you miss the sweetness of it. You try to change the past, or you try to lengthen it. In either case, you are dwelling on the past, a mere passing stream of thought.

Today dive in and get wet, thoroughly wet. Put attention on today as it develops before you. Enter in. Decide to love today.

Desire today.

If you desire more friends in your life, you will have them. If you desire more space, that will also come to you. You are valid. What you desire is valid. I am aware that you desire. Even when you are fulfilled, you still desire.

Desire is a path that leads you to Me. Whether you know My Name or not, you desire Me to appear and to lift you, and so I do, so I do.

You always want to know what is around the corner. Now you know that I am around the corner.

I am also before the corner. I am right where you are whatever your relationship is to anything or anywhere else or what you think or don't think of Me.

You are My destination. You are My path. What can My children be but the engenderment of Me? Where would I go but with you?

I do not limit you. I do not order you. I may say, "Don't go that way. Go this way. It's shorter, has a nicer view, fewer bumps, more sunlight…" But I let you go the way you choose or choose by default, and I go with you anyway.

Everything in life does not have to be My way.

I do not become dismayed. No matter how circuitous or diverse, I know that, every path leads to Me. There is no other place to go. Everything else is only on the way.

The funny illogical thing is that I am everywhere so I am on the road of every step you take. You have already reached Me. Indeed, you have never left. Nevertheless, you search for Me because you think you have lost your way. You think you are a stray when all the while you are a carefully tendered being.

You cannot lose Me. No matter how much you may try, you cannot. You cannot elude Me. Even if you do not consciously follow Me, I follow you. That is what I mean when I say you are My destiny.

I follow you, but I do not tail you. I do not stalk you. I patiently wait on the sidelines, as it were. I do not interfere, although I try to influence. And every once in a while, I do rush in and save you. You may not have noticed, or you may have, and wondered.

The people who seem to you to have wonderful spiritual experiences are only noticing something that you are not noticing. I am not more theirs than yours. Divine experience is going on around you all the time.

Yet observing and recording the experience is immaterial. The experience itself is immaterial. What is material, whether you notice or not, is that you are growing in My light, and you grow in innocence.