Levels of Desire

God said:

Whatever you long for is right in your reach. You have thought it was far away, but it is right here. I am talking about all levels of desires. In other words, whatever you want, you can have.

This does not mean that everyone will do your bidding. It doesn't mean that life will always go your way. It does not mean that you will always be hired for a particular job you have sought or that a particular individual will fall in love with you because you want them to.

Although things can happen just the way you would like, they do not have to, and still your desires are fulfilled. The control of how your desires are fulfilled is not your domain, but your desires nevertheless bring your rewards to you.

Sometimes you long for yourself what are other people's desires for you and are not your own. Sometimes you push away your true desires because of your fear of failing when your desire is fulfilled.

Desires change. The soul of you will know that before you consciously know, probably long before. Maybe when a desire is fulfilled, it is not your desire any longer.

What are your desires? If one could be filled right this moment, what would it be? On this, think a moment before you answer because a lot depends upon your answer. You do not want to waste your desire. Maybe you need a bigger desire.

Desire that you grow in love more than that a love should come to you.

Desire that your will fulfill My Will.

Desire the world to bathe in healing waters, soaked in peace and love, for healing is holy.

Desire abundance for all, and you are included.

Desiring money is too small a desire. That desire cannot sustain you. Desire to offer what attracts golden to you.

Desire desires. Desire high. Desire wide. Desire deep.

You have been denying yourself desires. You have been reticent about running the race. Many of you have given up before you even started. Many of you have nipped your desires in the bud, as if it were useless to desire.

But desiring is useful. It is useful to the universe. It is useful to Me. Your desires are a communication with Me.

Listen to Me, and your desires will swell. Your range is ever-spiraling, and that means your vision expands. As your vision expands, so do your desires.

You cannot desire for yourself alone any longer. No longer can you give lip service to the desire for peace on earth and goodwill to men. You have become the exponent of peace and goodwill. And, therefore, you are My exponent. You are Mine. In truth, you have become more than the exponent. You have become peace and goodwill. Peace and goodwill are other names for love. They are other names for you.

What you ultimately desire is be yourself. You are a planet who surveys itself to discover untold riches. Whatever wealth within you that you are aware of, there is more, and so your desires grow. You pull desires from your heart where they have been growing. Let your desires come from your heart, for desire is connection to life.

And it is all right to desire what you already have and be content for a while.

All goodness is upon you. Desire more of it, however it may come to you.

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Okay...I lied. This HL is my favorite...

Do you like this one too? It is all about expansion of desires...and I am all for that. How about you? Loving you. Jim and Jimi.

My favorite desire....

My most favorite desire is to receive and share more and more and more of God's Love. So be it!!!!!!! Jim and Jimi.