The Dance Floor of Your Dreams

God said:

I overheard you say: "Thank You, God, for bringing everybody together."

This is what I do. I bring everyone together. I certainly don't render any of My children separate from one another.

I understand and respect your individual declivities, and I never forget Our Oneness. I am Everyone and Everything, and so are you. Nothing can take over My Love, and you are moving toward this one-pointed goal.

Even in anger, you are seeking the State of Oneness. Otherwise, in the crevices of your heart and mind, why would you fuss when you do not feel valued?

In your distress, you look for a loophole to get past love via a cross-current or cross-circuit to escape through. You are a quite an experimenter with love. You go into the Lab of Life, and you try all kinds of experiments concerning love.

You pose your questions such as:

“How many diverse ways can love be expressed? How many diverse ways can love be withheld? What stretches love, and what binds love? What tears up love? What is love anyway? How dangerous can love be? How much does ego have to do with what is bandied around as love? How can two people who love each other turn away from love and dismiss each other from their lives? Where does friendliness cross the line? Where does animosity creep in from?

“How much can be done to aching hearts before they break apart?

“Can love be glued back together?”

I say to you:

At what price costs love when love is meant to be free? How much does air cost you to breathe? Is then love not free? Is love beholden? Is love kidnapped and love never found again? What is the ransom of love? Who pays this ransom? To whom is this ransom paid? Can love be betrayed? What is all this fuss about love about?

What does it mean to live in a no-man's land? Can the world forget itself? How can man forget love? How can love go out of a human's attention even for one moment?

Can the world even exist without human beings? What would the world be? Filled with robins and blue jays, what would the world look like? Without you, what would the world look like? What would the Meaning of Life be?

What do you think about all the time?

How do you share the world?

How could you not share the world?

Why do I ask so many lickety-split questions, and who answers Me? If you do not answer Me, why don't you answer Me?

Answer yourself, dear ones.

What are you afraid of? What are you not afraid of?

Why do you whisper, and why do you yell? At whom can you deign to yell?

Be assured, I do not cross-examine you. I am a God of Love. What else can you possibly desire to be but My Child of Love? Born from My Heart, what can you be but entitled to give and receive love?

I ask you to be present on Earth. You cannot be invisible. What prospectus do you offer, and what do you want to reap?

Are you lonely tonight? Then dance on the stars. Light up your own heart. Start dreaming again.

Dream of your dreams. Dream up new dreams. Take yourself off a shelf and get yourself onto the Dance Floor of Your Dreams. I see you waltzing. I see you dancing on air. I see your feet off the ground. Who told you that you cannot fly?

I say to you ever again and again:

Fly high. Reach the Moon and the Sun and the Stars! Reach Me. Climb right up. Climb right up a grape arbor. Climb a tree. There are no fences. Be free. Comport yourself in a new way.

I am here. Here I am. Where are you?

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Accepting Myself

God, I am in a dream. My memory is annulled, my words become forgotten, and it is plainly evident that I stand on a world where nothing else but I can be. And you say I am You. And You say You are Love. I am here, God, and in this world I seek myself first and foremost. Nothing else seems real.

And now I fall into focus, I come back to my present. My family is absorbed in their respective worlds, and our days are numbered by thousands or ten thousands. I don't want to be here, God, and I don't want to be with You. I am afraid of You.

I might be lonely. But I will forget that I am lonely. You told me Earth is a playground. I'm far too serious to accept that. When I look at the stars, dear God, I look at the black sky, and nothing seems to matter, not me, not Your words, and not the stars. I sought peace and forgetfulness, but now I found you, and I cannot get away to where I was. I am here, God. But my thoughts are as lickety-split as your questions today, and my words will find their meaning. I will forget You again, this I'm sure of, but I will remember, as well. My memories aren't reliable, and I often forget to follow my heart. I often forget I am a creature of dreams, as I bury myself where I can't see myself. I will look at You, God, and You will tell me naught, for my ears stopped listening years ago. But You will be here, so I thought it's going to be alright.

for La Do Mi

I may not understand everything you said, La Do Mi, but there ist quite a bit of resonance.

Here are more lickety-split questions God asks. I keep finding they slow down lickety-split thinking and prime my ears for a new kind of listening:

WOW, Rover. You certainly

WOW, Rover. You certainly hit the jackpot here!

As someone who commented said, "this is a volcano of a Heavenletter." And you brought our attention to it,

This Heavenletter you reminded us of certainly belongs in the Heavenletter Hall of Fame -- if there were such a thing.

Your reminder of this remarkable Heavenletter gives me a nice difficulty! For the NEW website, I chose 3 Heavenletters as prime Heavenrletters for people who come to the NEW website to read.

I will come back and fill in these 3 Heavenletters. It might be tomorrow because I will be out of town all day today..

My point is: How can this Heavenletter not also be included?!!!

Just yesterday Adam Michael agreed to put together a book or E-Book of amazing selections from Heavenletters that go together.

Adam, are you happy to include Rover's find with credit to him?

What a beautiful start for today this Heavenletter you remind us of is!

Now, how can we possibly leave out this Heavenletter you point us to?

God's answers

This Heavenletter, "God Asks a Few Questions," is perhaps a little challenging for some new readers. I would suggest something profound but easily accessible at the same time. Something like this:

Rover, this is a beautiful

Rover, this is a beautiful Heavenletter you point us to.

Now, dear one, God knows what He is doing! Challenging is good too! In any case, God is not trying to win a popularity contest.

IN REREADING YOUR LETTER, YOU WERE SPEAKING OF A SUGGESTION OF A HEAVENLETTER FOR THE HOME PAGE, DEAR ONE. Then I went off on a tangent. You weren't suggesting at all what God would better write. Mea culpa.

I do absolutely agree with you. No question, there are other Heavenletters are more accessible for new Heaveneaders. You are absolutely right.

Rover, I am going to let show here what I did mistakenly at first respond to you.. Maybe it is of interest to someone.

One way or another, everyone will become closer to God. God has many ways. No one HAS to read Heavenletters. Some of us are smitten, and some aren't. Everyone is free to read what they are drawn to. There is no obligation. God is meant to be a joy.

Here is a great welcoming Heavenletter for new readers:
How to Read a Heavenletter.
Heavenletter #1314 Published June 22, 2004

I've got to say that you are excellent at locating and correlating Heavenletters on the same theme. I believe this is an art and a great base for E-Books.

You may have noticed that Adam Michael is working on this.

Perhaps you want to as well? The more the merrier.

Let's see how this develops. Let us know how you feel about this.

God bless you.


Dear Gloria, I do agree that a few introductory Heavenletters for first-time readers can be useful. Beyond that, I do not believe the cart of Heavenletters and their message can be pushed in any way. So no, I do not want to engage in the creation of e-books.

Only with joy are

Only with joy are Heavenetters to be shared. E-Books are pushing? Everyone is a free agent.

God said: “Hey, you, all you atoms and molecules out there -- dazzle the world!”
Heavenletter #5429 In the Story of the World

Who told you that you cannot fly?

I see you waltzing. I see you dancing on air. I see your feet off the ground.

Who told you that you cannot fly?

There is something satisfying about lying on your back in a field and looking up at the sky. There is an equanimity in that. Clouds roll by, and you are still. You chew on a blade of grass, and you feel yourself immersed in the sky.

You are part of the clouds, and the clouds part for you, giving you room to rest within their folds. The sky opens up, and you enter it, all while you lie on your back on the grass and look up at it.

Your heart floats there, an accompaniment of the sky, while you are still laden on the Earth. You are in two places at once. Even while you lie on the curve of Earth, you are not bound to it.

As soft and billowing as the sky, the Earth is a pillow for you rest on. The Earth doesn't bounce you up to Heaven. It revolves and it becomes as if it is the sky you lie on and it is the Earth you see from a distance.

You begin to fathom that you ARE, and you are One with the Universe.

At night the stars become yours. You favor them. The Moon pulls the tide of your heart. You are enraptured. You do not see what is beyond the stars, but you know something is there. It has spoken to you through the night sky, and you have heard it. It does not penetrate you as does the Sun by day, yet it lifts you high.

I say to you ever again and again:

Fly high. Reach the Moon and the Sun and the Stars!

I am speaking literally as well as figuratively. You are drinking in an ambrosia when you look up at the Heavens. It is a great tonic. Absorb it through your eyes, and absorb it through your pores. Drink in the day or night sky, and hold it to your heart.

You are reciprocal with Nature. Let it bless you.

(excerpts from Heavenletter #1533)

Adam, where did you get that

Adam, where did you get that fabulous pic?

Will you kindly write down here clear simple instructions for posting images on the forum so they show? So simple that a non-techno person can follow them?

Also, when are you going to put some ebooks together with these fabulous quotations you find and put together. Today please!.