God Asks a Few Questions

God said:

I am That Which thinks of you. I am That Which recognizes you. I am That Core of you emblazoned in My own light, light on light, particles of the Oneness of Light. Does Light light Itself? When Light alone is, can there be unlight? Can light be taken apart? Can light be held in a hand, or is the hand the light that holds itself? Is light inside or outside or is it both inside and out or are inside and outside pure fanciful imagination? And Who or What imagines?

And where do I exist? It is often asked whether I really exist. I ask you now: Do you really exist?

If yes, where do you exist but within Me?

Do I also exist within you?

Yes, I exist within you, and I grow there according to the beat of your heart. On another level, there is no within you anymore than there is without you. The One Truth can be said in many ways. You are My thought, and I am your Thought, so I have a thought of Myself that translates into a thought of yours. I think Myself. We are all mixed together, My dear children, and We don't know which is which. We can say that your individuality is a new thought, and that I am the old thought, the first thought, the original thought. But of course I didn't think really. I created. There was no distance between My thought and Creation. There can be no separation from My thought and what comes from it. Creation was one motion. Time did not exist for there to be a distance. Nor was there overlap. Everything was instant, and it is instant still. I am drawing My same first breath and exhaling still, and yet inhalation and exhalation do not exist and, if they did exist, they would not be separate.

How to describe Our relationship, this love that exists between Us even when there is no in between? How does Oneness have a relationship with Itself? Does relationship require separate parts? Can Oneness skip along with Itself? Can Oneness reach everywhere even when there is nowhere to reach? Can Oneness stay still and travel at the same time? Can Oneness open doors even when there are no doors to open? Can Oneness fragmentize itself and still call Itself Oneness? Can Oneness be fragmentized except in thought? Can thoughts be withdrawn? Can thoughts be revisited and revised? Where do thoughts go when you are finished with them?

If there is Oneness, is there then only One Thought, and did It try to disassemble Itself, so it could count and be unable to fathom?

What does individuality have to do with you?

Are you like the Sun who gives Its rays and Its rays shine back? Where do the rays go, or do they go anywhere? Do rays really exist? And if they do, are they separate from the Sun Itself? Whom does the Sun warm, and whom do Its rays warm when there is solely the Sun shining for its own joy? Who needs warming? What does the Sun shine on if not Itself? What more does it need but Itself?

Who is writing these words, and Who reads them? And Who does not read them? Where do these words come from? Do they exist? Did they write themselves? What do they say, and what does it matter what they say? Who understands them and Who misunderstands them, and what is the difference, if any?

What is there to say? We love. Isn't that enough? What does it matter Whom or What or anything at all? We, Who are love, love and that is the whole story of existence. Now I have said, and so have you. Now you have read, and so have I.

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An Old Heavenletter

What a volcano of a Heavenletter!

All the really meaningful questions that ever occurred to me plus a few that did not yet.

Everything I always wanted to know but didn't know how, or where, to ask.

There is only one question left at the moment: Is anything important?

Oh, and another: What is all of this about?

Is anything important?

I would say that everything is important, i.e. significant. But...nothing is really serious. What a great question! The other question: "what is all of this about?" Maybe a one word answer would be: "Love". Jim.

Pretty darn good answers

Jochen, your questions from this letter are perfect. Jim, your answers from Jochen's questions are perfect. I consider myself quite fortunate to have found a forum with such wise beings........Chuck

Thanks, Chuck, for reminding

Thanks, Chuck, for reminding me of this gem of gems, this most beautiful and hilarious song I ever heard, one that really leaves nothing to say and nothing to ask and certainly nothing to understand or not understand.

But, dear friend and native speaker, I'm worried about my ortography and would like you to help me: Is it "a Heavenletter" or "an Heavenletter"?

Not much of an ortographer

To me, to say "a Heavenletter" sounds best so this is the way I say it. I have been corrected in the past, by those who presume to know more than I, saying "an Heavenletter" is grammatically correct.

I agree with Chuck. A

I agree with Chuck. A Heavenletter is absolutely correct. We say an apple, an orange, an elephant. We don't say an house. We say a house. We say a hornet, a happening, a hope.

Thank You, Chuck and Gloria.

Thank You, Chuck and Gloria. Some of the rules I vaguely remember from school seem to be outdated. Researching a litte myself, I find this:

USAGE The traditional rule about whether to use a or an before a word beginning with h is that if the h is sounded, a is the correct form ( a hospital; a hotel). But if the accent is on the second syllable ( historic; habitual), there is greater likelihood that, at least in speaking, 'an habitual' will sound more natural. One form is not more correct than the other, although some constructions may strike readers as pretentious or old-fashioned (an heroic act; an humanitarian).

unable to fathom

Uh-oh. Something is coming closer. I read this most beloved Heavenletter perhaps once every six months, and it's breaking my heart ever more deeply. It is funny, it is devastating. I feel like a dandelion seed head, and from the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of God with puffed-out cheeks...

God asks

I confess, God, I have not studied, this is summer vacations here.

Yes, I exist within you, and

Yes, I exist within you, and I grow there according to the beat of your heart.
We, Who are love, love and that is the whole story of existence.

thanks for bringing up again this amazing love letter !
much much love

Where do thoughts go when you are finished with them?

If there is Oneness, is there then only One Thought, and did It try to disassemble Itself, so it could count and be unable to fathom?

Today, suddenly tears and helpless sobbing. I can't believe the depth of this Heavenletter as it turns out to be bottomless. And how strangely homey the bottomless is.

Ah, tears are good! They are

Ah, tears are good! They are a great sign. Something opens. God bless you, beloved Jochen.

I just had an idea. Perhaps

I just had an idea. Perhaps someone would want to follow through with this.

This Heavenletter had many questions such as:

Where do thoughts go when you are finished with them?

What other marvelous questions has God asked in Heavenletters? Of course, even though there is a question mark, God isn't really asking a question. He is stirring us. Are these unanswerable questions?

marvelous questions

There are so many marvelous questions in Heavenletters. I know because I love these questions so much.

I think you are absolutely right, Gloria, that God is not really asking questions but stirring us. Mind will perhaps make a stab at finding answers and then shrug, and that is when we can know that the question was really meant to make us remember something we know. That is what is so marvelous about these questions: They make me realize that I know, even if I don't clearly remember yet what it is I know.

But I don't know how to find more of these stirring questions, I don't know what to search for. Perhaps it would not even be helpful to compile them because they need the context of their respective Letters, and the moment has to be right for your heart to be stirred.

"Are these unanswerable questions?" I think it is safe to say that they are not completely answerable in intellectual terms. But the intellect may still play a part. It looks to me like a complex interplay of heart and mind that makes these questions open up more and more.

In this respect, Heavenletter #1056, The Rightful King, has much to say:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Perhaps trust has to come before you can see. Perhaps awareness before vision. Seeing Is Believing doesn't go far enough. Believe and you will see. Even half-believe, and you will see. Even consider believing, and you will have a glimpse. How you long for a glimpse, even a reflection, even a sketch, even a drawing in sand of the Truth that is you!

Deep in your heart you know the Truth of you. Somewhere along the line, you abandoned your heart, as though it were a lesser quantity than your intellect, rather an illegitimate heir. The heart became the banished prince, and mind became King, and King was all.

Perhaps the prince of your heart was jailed instead of banished. In any case, your heart was put aside somewhere and kept only as a reminder of what could have been. Too often the Human heart is reserved for pain only, for twisting, a result of Truth ignored.

Bless your heart, and seat it on the Throne. The intellect does not have to abdicate. Heart and intellect can co-reign. But if you must favor one over the other, favor the King of your heart. The heart is never fooled. The intellect often is. Let your heart be your steering wheel and the intellect the tires that follow.

All this I say is not to discredit the intellect. He is a great royal. But he is nothing without the heart. The heart comes first. The heart comes before reason. The heart is always true when it follows itself. When it puts reason before it, it is weakened. Reason is too often a detour from Truth.

The intellect, so often considered discriminating, can support anything it chooses and come out unscathed. But the heart does not have choices. The heart can only choose Truth or it is scathed.

Your heart was planted in your chest for good reason. It was not an afterthought. From your heart came the intellect, not the other way around. Your mind is meant to be a servant of the heart, but sometimes the hierarchy has been cast aside. Too often the hierarchy has been forgotten.


That is really beautiful the

That is really beautiful the Heavenletter you quoted from.

To find such an evocative question as above might indeed be hard to come by.

I took three random Heavenletters from the Cosmic Wow Generator. One Heavenletter had no questions. The other two did. Fine questions too, yet not quite of the evocativeness of the one we have way above.

Yet I do think there must be questions equal to or more. I wonder if we could five such superlative ones?

I tend toward Jochen's point of view

I think Jochen is right about not separating questions form their contexts. Questions are most effective, perhaps a lot more effective, when they are heartfelt stimuli that result from a given set of circumstances. I think questions are an essential step on our path, they are attempts (if they are good questions) to see from a new vantage point. They promote the expansion of our awareness; when best used, they promote our spiritual growth.

They often arise out of specific experience. They help us make the best use out of otherwise painful events. Pain creates questions. Trauma creates questions. Death creates some of the most important questions we can ask. As we entertain the questions we can be healed; they catalyze the benefit out of the painful event.

I agree that God’s questions are a kind of stirring. The value is often more in the asking than in the answering, although both have their value. Of course there are both answerable questions as well as unanswerable ones. There are also good questions and bad questions. I would venture to say that a very carefully thought out and insightful question is much more important than any answer someone might tie to it.

I think that the questions that arise in Heavenletters are superb, as are the questions that readers raise in their comments. It may be that this is the most valuable role the comments have as they are shared by those reading a given letter. The Heavenletters stretch us and the comments and questions continue the stretching that expands us and helps us remember what we have forgotten.

Much love, hugs and good wishes........Chuck

Anco asks one question

" Dear God, to have no more words left for a Heavenletter and simply be, could this be the ultimate goal of Heavenletters and Heavenletter Forum? "

Beloved Anco, thank

Beloved Anco,

thank you.

much love

Very good point, Anco. It

Very good point, Anco. It might well be. But I also suspect that the "ultimate" will take care of itself. In the meantime, I remember reading in Heavenletters that contributing, responding, speaking our heart are very good too. Perhaps the best thing is to have no rules and to speak when you feel that something wants to be spoken or to remain silent when "there are no more words left". Both are fine. "Simply being" does not need words but is not opposed to words either. Heavenletters keep coming, don't they?

I cannot imagine a time when

I cannot imagine a time when God is not singing love. Surely we will sing for Him, and, yet, why would He stop and why would we ever want Him to?!!!

I have heard that Creation began with the Word? I believe there is a Heavenletter in which God says something like the initial impulse is vibrating still.

To me, that God would stop humming is too awful to contemplate.

Is the Generator loaded?

Usually when I hit the Generator and the wheels are turning, the first thing that becomes visible in the address box of my internet browser is "show-me-the-love". Then, after some deliberation, the Generator decides on a Heavenletter and opens it.

On some occasions, watching closely, I have seen the Generator discard its first choice and even its second, third and fourth choice to finally come up with a fifth suggestion. That's what it did today, dragging me here again. Strange, isn't it?

I suppose God wanted to here

I suppose God wanted to here again dear, did you answer the questions ? did your answer change in the move of time ? very interesting indeed this choice again, Jochen you are a lucky one !

much much love

Yes, this is a bit strange -- and interesting

Jochen, I been working on several chapters of my book and I went to bed last night with some puzzling ideas on my mind. When I was showering this morning, several tentative answers seemed to be forming in my awareness. They are like multiple, nested themes that have been developing within my book as I write it. What I wrote down was this morning was:

• Human beings have always been questioning, speculating and wondering about the meaning of life and how the cosmos came to be. These questions are important.
• As we accumulate new understanding and new technology, our concepts and ideas evolve in response, becoming more insightful and sophisticated.
• New understandings give us new tools to re-evaluate our previous conclusions and beliefs, allowing us to look at our questions from new vantage points.
• These new understandings are also important. They have the potential to improve our lives.

As I work on this book, I am constantly questioning myself and doubting that my approaches to this project are useful ones. I had totally forgotten this Heavenletter as I was working with my current chapters. This letter is a perfect confirmation for me at this point in time. The fact that you brought us back to this specific letter, at this time is a bit strange, don't you think?

I thought you might be interested in this “coincidence.”

Thanks for bringing my attention back here.

Can Oneness be fragmentized except in thought?

Dear Chuck, it would be hard for me to put into words what this Heavenletter does for me and means to me. Let's say that it looks to me like the way home even if there is no way to anywhere.

There are days, like today, where I feel ancient and wizened and ageless and nascent and knowing without knowing. On such a day, anything so-called dualistic can be hard for me to grasp. I watch the tea flowing into my head from a mug and it's so funny.

So from that point of view and with no critical intention whatsoever, let me reply that whatever we apparently did throughout what is conceived of as ages was done with the (mostly unconscious) intention to get away from defenseless innocence. Duality was invented as a protection against too much intimacy, against the abyss of God and Love. And now we have love that goes from one place to another, compassion that is given or withheld, grace that is transmitted and received – lots of transactions that simply do not exist except in imagination. We even have pi mesons, blood cells and teeth or none and all that. They do not exist and yet all of them, all of our assumptions, are very good as today's Heavenletter #3629 seems to imply once again.

To end these ramblings, there is no abyss. There is what I am coming to see as the porousness of conceived and perceived reality, sub-microscopic, golden-rimmed, breathing, lighted and preheated openings in everything including us. You can seep right through and be gone, be everything.

Chuck, dear, I would like to

Chuck, dear, I would like to tell what I think.
"Questions are important", when they do not come from an opposing and speculative mind only; answers are not.
"New technology and new understanding" follow the grow in consciousness, not the reverse. They can "improve our lives", but will never solve the Big Dilemma.
Consciuosness evolves thanks to an "x factor" which causes a leap. We can call it grace or the gift of light or luck.

There is a man sleeping, and he dreams to be chased and threatend by a beast wanting to devour him. You are beside him, will you give the man a dagger in the dream to fight the beast or will you tell him to awaken?
There are no useful "tools", just someone waking us and telling we were only dreaming. Your book can serve this purpose.