The Attraction of Love

God said:

You are a healer. Everyone of you. You are here to heal someone or something on earth. You are a proprietor of earth. Your wares are healing wares. Remind yourself that you are a healer. Heal another's heart with your presence. That is what I do. I heal with My presence, and you are My presence made manifest.

You do not have to rush to the fore. You just have to be there. Your being is what heals another and yourself.

Your presence is like a brushstroke of love.

You are a painter of love.

You have alit to earth to reproduce the Sun and the clear sky but not the clouds.

You are a clearer of debris on earth. You pick up the litter that has been strewn and you strew snippets of love as you walk along your path. You don't have to go out of your way. Simply wherever you are, you render love.

You may think, as you read My words, that, yes, you would like to be like that, and you feel wistful that you are not. When you know what you are and what you mean, then you unmistakably fulfill that.

If you have reflected less than love, it is because you didn't recognize yourself and your meaning to the world. Now I have told you. Will you accept?

It does not make you a fool to dispense love with your presence alone. The one who does not make use of the depths of himself is the fool.

Quietly, discreetly, you emanate love just as you pass by. What did Christ do but that?

Love and wisdom are intertwined. Be a braid of love and wisdom. Love and wisdom are silent, but they are heard. They do not announce themselves. They simply enter. One consciousness knocks against another, and love is ignited. You are a match ready to light up the stumbling hearts on earth.

What else could you be for? For what else are you needed? Surely not to instigate more woe nor to amass more objects.

It is your desire to be worthwhile. When you leave a room, you want to leave an aura of peace like the scent of a yellow rose. You waft through earth. You do not disturb. You energize. Your quiet passage through life focuses the world on love. You give it hope as you pass by. You are colloquial at the same time you are eloquent. Without words you are a beacon of light.

You do not fritter life. You cohere it. One brushstroke of yours colors others' hearts, and so now they know they connect.

You are an earthlink to Heaven. You are the start of a rainbow. You are the sun that warms the earth and makes everything grow.

Your sunlight is needed in the world. You are planetary. You are not a mite on earth. You are a magnificence. You are a benefactor. You are on earth to bless it. What is healing but blessing?

You are a rampart of the universe. You hold up the universe. It is in your hands. You are Atlas, but it is no effort at all for you. All you have to do is be here, and you carry the world. You lighten hearts, and you wash away tears merely by being Who you are.

Identify yourself. Cast yourself upon the waters. Walk on water. Part the rivers of oblivion and declare yourself.

Be a spa for the universe.

Show My mighty hand. Raise yours as I raise Mine and bless all. Signal Me. Pull the attention of the world to Me so that hearts turn to their light. Point Me out as you tread earth. Leave Me in your wake.

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Another beautiful Heavenletter


like the scent of a yellow rose

You lighten hearts, and you wash away tears merely by being Who you are.

Dearest Gloria, this is you. Much longing, to have such loving wisdom