A Matter of Friendship

God said:

Friendship is a meeting of hearts, not minds.

Friendship blossoms when hearts ease. Hearts ease when they feel safe.

What is it that makes hearts feel unsafe? It is your ego that does not feel safe. It wonders what will step on it, what will trounce on it, what will ignore it.

When friendship comes, ego has backed away. Friendship enters on its own. If someone is a good friend to have because of ego residue, that is not friendship. That is usefulness.

Friendship grows in an egoless field. A caring rises. It is discovered in the heart.

Befriending someone and being friends may not be the same. One may be a friend to the other, and the other accepts the kindly friendship. He returns the kindness in another way, another time, or he does not.

Friendship is an appreciation of another's beating heart and appreciation of another's place in the world and what it means to be where he is.

Friendship does not demand reciprocation.

Friendship is an offering. It is a giving of hearts, only sometimes an exchange, one for the other.

It is a taste of what love is, where kinship is greater than apartness.

And so must you become friend to yourself as well. Be kindly to yourself. And, as when you see divine light in a friend's eyes, see it in your own.

Rather than finding fault with yourself, find joy.

A beautiful tree has marks on it — and yet you see the wholeness of the tree. Of what matter are blemishes? They are only blemishes.

Friendship is kindled. More knowing arises in the heart, and friendship is discovered.

Like different plants, some friendships grow fast, and some grow slowly. Some last.

The opposite of friend is not enemy. It is not stranger. Friendship has no opposite. It is, or it is not. There is no name for the absence of friendship. Acquaintanceship is not.

Friendship has its own existence. It is its own mountain peak.

There is deep value in friendship. It serves Me well.

As you learn friendship, you learn more about My view of things.

Be a friend to life. Be generous with it. Life isn't something that merely comes to you. Life is something you spend. Spend it well. Be a friend to this moment.

Consider friendship a swinging door through which you enter life. Let it swing gently. The door bears many imprints of hands that have passed through it. You have passed through it.

You are on the other side of it now.

And you pass through again and again.

Friendship is laid bare. You find its essence. It is more than companionship. It is a decision to let the heart love as it wills, and to feel the energy of that love.

Friendship asks for little and gives much.

Friendship is a continuous unfurling of My heart.

You reach up for My heart, and you bring it down, and you extend it. Just as you pluck a flower and bestow it, you extend friendship in the name of My love.

All friendship enters My heart and resides there. Keep Me with you, at the same time as you give Me freely.