The Advent of God

God said:

It is not through effort that you become more aware of Me. Do not strain for Me. I do not hear loud voice or quiet voice. I hear hearts. You do not have to yell for Me to come. You do not have to wave your arms for Me to see you. You do not have to dance up and down. You do not have to make vows. Desire Me. Consider Me. Let your awareness fall on Me. I do not come faster for those who strain for Me.

You do not have to suffer in order to have Me appear. All your suffering serves no purpose but to put your attention on Me, but you do not need suffering for that. Just lightly intend that I come and that you greet Me.

You may be driving along in your car, and suddenly the hold the relative world has on you vanishes. You may even consider that as loss, as kind of a suffering of its own, because suddenly all that held great meaning for you doesn't anymore. You cannot keep Me before you and keep your old reliance on other thoughts.

For instance, you cannot have Me in your sight and your sweet memories. What things meant to you before your sighting of Me will no longer. All else palls next to Me. That is not a condition that you impose on your evolution. It is a natural event. When I grab your attention, your attention is on a greater reality than you have been used to.

I am talking about bold experience of Me, not merely thoughts of Me. I am talking about when you see there is nothing else but Me, not see with your mind, but actually experience. When you do, it may feel like a chasm you are falling into. Know you are dipping into greater reality. The greater reality will displace your old awareness. You cannot keep the old and the new. The old makes way for the new. You cannot have it both ways.

You cannot really prepare yourself for the advent of My arrival. I may not enter through the door you make ready. You may find Me sitting in your parlor. You may find I entered through a window you did not know you possessed. You may find Me peeking over your shoulder. The point is: you do not find Me. I find you. I announce Myself.

I tap you on your shoulder.

I may appear in the last place you would expect Me to.

I may sneak in.

I may come in as a landslide.

I may come in the back door.

All you can count on is that I will appear.

You do not know when or where or how.

It is not in your control.

But I am one thing you can expect.

You can expect Me to enter your life. You can expect Me to turn up. You can expect to hear My footfall. You can expect to enter new realities. You can expect I will take you somewhere. I will not leave you where you are.

You may feel upturned. You may feel bewildered. You may not know what you are experiencing, but you will know that something has happened or is happening, even when I catch you unawares.

Be not afraid to dive into the depth of the ocean. You will rise high. You will leap into the sun. You will catch the stars. You will enter new galaxies. You will be propelled Heavenward.

You have a destination, and it is with Me.

You are walking towards Me. Or you are running towards Me. Or you are running away from Me. No matter, you will turn around and find Me, or run into Me. I claim you.