The Sun Shines

God said:

You still concern yourself with what other people think and what they think of you. You look for a handout of love and appreciation from another Human being who is looking for love and appreciation from you. The other cannot give it, and you cannot give it. Love and appreciation can be given, but if deliberate, if for the sake of one or another Human, it is not so much love and appreciation as it is a payment or deposit or exchange, your approbation for theirs.

When you stop needing the accolades of the world and its inhabitants, you will get down to business. You have work at hand. Put your attention on the work at hand and not so much on return and involvement from one Human being to another. When you depend on others to fulfill you or assuage an ache in your heart, you are disappointed. Even if today you are pleased, tomorrow may be lacking. In the long run, whatever plaudits another can give you will never be enough.

Of course, your life is involved with people, but remember that your life does not depend on what others say or feel or what you think they feel or mean.

What other individuals toss you, whether it be flower petals at your feet or sand in your face, it is not so significant as you have thought. Certainly you cannot live the life given to you as it was meant to be lived when you bounce up and down according to what morsels of affection are buffeted your way.

Seek not love so much from others. Be not so dependent on others. Attention from others is nice, but it is also irrelevant. It doesn't mean so much as you like to think. It is very changeable, and if you respond so much to it, then you become a chameleon who tries to suit others.

You think it is attention you want, but a chameleon gains invisibility. Be visible. Do not change your colors in an attempt to appease.

Allow others the freedom to see you as they see you. You do not need to covet their love. They have it or not, or they have it one moment and not another. When you have another's approbation, you really don't have much. It certainly isn't something to live your life for.

Be true to yourself, and be true to Me. You already have all My love, and My love is true. I will send you many people along the way to dispense My love to you, but you cannot curry their favor, and their favor means little anyway.

This does not mean you disregard other people. It just means you don't regard their thoughts so highly. Their thoughts are their thoughts, and thoughts are passing recognitions. If their disposition is glum, it is their disposition. It is not a measure of you. If someone is displeased, it is their displeasure. It belongs to them, not to you.

Do not give so much power to others. They do not have to adore you or appreciate you or anything at all. They are probably so wrapped in themselves that they do not see you. They see only fluctuations in their lives. You are a passing car to them according to their mood. Pro or con, their attention is nothing more than their attention.

Do not feel you have to buy approval from others. You pay too much for it. Be content within yourself. Think of Me. Think of My light. Remind yourself that you are here for Me and not for another's pleasure or displeasure.

The sun that shines is impartial. The sun shines. The sun does not go by the reactions of all those who receive its rays. Some say, "Oh, too much sun." Others say, "Where is the sun?" The sun does not try to please. The sun just shines, and it shines in accordance with My Will.

Be a simple sun that shines, and pay not so much mind to what others think. Their opinion is not what you are here for. You are here for bigger than that.