God Thanks Us

God said:

My trust in you is great. There is no limit to My trust in you. It is not even trust. I don't have to trust. I know. I know you as well as I know Myself. I know you much better than you know yourself. You don't yet really know yourself. You see yourself with gaps and blurs. I can even say you don't see yourself at all. You see perhaps a fraction, and you may mis-see that fraction. I am inclined to say that you don't see yourself at all.

Why Not Give Some Happiness?

God said:

How are you today? Have you changed your mind about anything? Have you opened your heart further recently? Have you gone to work by a different route? What happiness did you give to someone today that also brought you happiness? What are you going to do right now, and how do you feel about it?

If you are going to do something right now, or are in the middle of something right now that does not make your heart bounce for joy, what new approach can you take that will make your heart bounce?

From Where Gratitude Comes

God said:

It is not that gratitude must be expressed. It just must be felt. It is more important to feel appreciation than to say Thank you. With gratitude, you have accepted love. Accept it. Accept it.

Gratitude is not deference. It is awareness. Be grateful for awareness. Awareness opens doors. It lets you enter joy. Feel the difference in the vibration of thankfulness and the vibration of blaséness. Which one enlivens?

Gratitude is innocent. It is not a big display. It is a little awareness. Let gratefulness precede you. It need not follow. Gratitude belongs before the fact.

It Doesn't Have to Be in Words

God said:

Gratitude is simply awareness. When you look at the sky and you note that it is blue, you say: "Sky is blue." There is nothing remarkable or extraordinary in saying that. You saw the sky, and you saw it was blue. And so it is with gratitude.

How Enormous Is a Thank-You

God said:

When you thank Me for something or anything or everything, how wonderful you feel. Your thanks are like a blessing. Your thanks are like an acknowledgement of gift received and gift appreciated. Your thanks settle into your own heart and nestle there and emanate for all the world to see.

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