How Enormous Is a Thank-You

God said:

When you thank Me for something or anything or everything, how wonderful you feel. Your thanks are like a blessing. Your thanks are like an acknowledgement of gift received and gift appreciated. Your thanks settle into your own heart and nestle there and emanate for all the world to see.

Imagine now how I feel in the embrace of My gratitude for you! In your terms, it expands Me. In My terms, I, Who am beyond delight, am delighted in the exquisite acknowledge of what I have wrought, and I acknowledge and express My wonder and gratitude everywhere. Look for it, My gratitude, and you will see it. Flowers acknowledge receipt of My gratitude, and they blossom back. May it be the same for you.

I heap gratitude upon you. I am grateful for My creation. I am grateful for the wonders I perform. Gratefulness is gladness, gladness thanked for. I Who am most high am also most glad. I swim in gladness. My gladness is so great it can only be love heaped on love, love swirling like waves, love bobbing like tresses of love.

Sometimes you, My beloved children, enlightened-becoming as you are, expand to be grateful even for what you perceive as lessons that have served you in that they opened your heart more. The more your heart opens, the more you perceive the angelicalness of Human life. The more your heart is open, the more gratefulness you embrace. Gratefulness stirs you to great heights.

I suppose reproach would be the opposite of gratefulness. Even though opposites do not in truth exist, for the sake of language, We will say reproach is the low end of thanks. At least reproach acknowledges something. Even reproach rubs up against Me. Of course, reproach is short-sighted. Gratitude takes the long view.

Let Me express more of My gratitude to you.

I am grateful that you surrender to life and arise each morning. I am grateful that the sun blesses you. I am grateful for the life energy I have given you. I am grateful for all your kindness, wherever it may fall. I am grateful for your acceptance of even that which you have not seen. I am grateful for all your attributes, and all that you attribute to Me.

I am gratefully glad when you create, when you appreciate what someone else has created, and when you think of Me, for that gives Me an opportunity to linger longer with you in your awareness.

I am gratefully glad when you receive Me into your awareness.

I am gratefully glad when you recognize My love and bestow it upon others. I am grateful when you recognize My love. I am grateful for My love and that I have you to pour it upon.

I am grateful that you birth children on My behalf.

I am grateful for the children that you birth.

I am grateful for every hand you hold.

I am grateful for every breath you take, for it is My breath you breathe. I give it to you. With every breath you take, you are accepting Me and absorbing Me into every cell of your body. You breathe Me into the universe. Every breath of yours expands the universe.

I am grateful that you learn. So I am grateful every day, for every day you rise above the mundane.

I am grateful when you stand before Me. I am grateful when your heart rises to Mine. Why, I am just naturally grateful for your existence. I am just naturally grateful that you embody My light. I am even grateful for your imagined idea of separation so that you may, even so, keep moving closer to Me in your little-by-little grasp of Our Oneness.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said every day
That you embody My light
I Am so grateful

Love, Light and Aloha!