taking offense

The Eloquence of Your Heart

God said:

Little by little, what I say every day is beginning to sink in and become a part of you. Oh, yes, offense-producing annoying situations and people still arise. How can this happen, yet it does. And you may still feel strongly that you want to retaliate in kind. You may want to tell off some people. You may want to tell them how rude and inconsiderate and unintelligent they are. You are sure of it, and yet you pause, and yet you refrain and you find mulling within you a greater consideration and understanding, and, yes, even compassion. You find you don't want to set them straight anymore.

There Are Angels

God said:

There is an angel of love deep within you. This angel never falters. It flies high to stand on a platform of happiness. And this is the platform for you to stand on. I ask you to come from the same angle as your angel within. This angel is always present. No matter how hidden, how squelched, no matter how opposite-seeming, there is a winged angel within each heart, and that angel's wings and heart beat with love.

Don't Walk into the Fire

God said:

Sometimes after a big disagreement, when the dust settles, you see that the issue wasn't important the way you thought it was. You may even look back and see that it wasn't important at all. It was really all about your ego fuming. You took whatever it was, a remark, an action, personally. You took it as inflammatory.

Think of what taking something personally means. It means you take words or actions as directed to you.

Where Emotions Come From

God said:

You feel emotions with your body. A trauma is a blow. You are laid low. You have the wind knocked out of your sails. You are red hot with anger, or your anger seethes, or you are blinded by it. You are giddy with joy and electrified with excitement. Laughter expands your ribs, and joy expands your heart. You feel thrills and chills. You feel emotions physically, and you already know which ones encourage health.

God's Golden Child

God said:

You are such a Golden Child of Mine that it is My desire that you always be honored, made welcome, treated well, treated most graciously, and be given the respect and regard that a Divine Child of Mine is entitled to and must have. There is something in you that must have respect and regard from others. It is unnatural not to have it. Something is off. It doesn't feel right. It is hard to take.

One Petal from a Tree

God said:

How beautiful is one petal from a tree! How beautiful is one tree. How beautiful is one Human Being. Oh, the beauty! A Human Being is a delightful sight. Think a moment of what it is to have a Human Being before you. It is like having the Kohinoor diamond. The only thing is that when you have the diamond in front of you, alas, you are often in ignorance of the value. That must be what purgatory is, beloveds — to have a treasure and not know its true value. Imagine thinking that a diamond is a bauble! Imagine thinking that the Kohinoor diamond is glass!

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