Sweep Earth Up in Your Arms

God said:

Perfection lies within you, not in the events outside you. A princess in royal brocade is a princess. She is not more of a princess in brocade. She is not less in homespun. A princess in disguise is still a princess. And you are all princes and princesses in disguise, disguised so well that you have fooled yourselves.

From your limited perception, life in the world is never perfect. If you find yourself in unhappiness, do not blame the circumstances. Do not blame anyone or anything at all, and that includes yourself. Unhappiness is a temporary condition.

Whatever room you are in, you are you. In a palace, you are you. In a garret, you are you. Grime from a coal mine washes off, but you are unerasable.

When you are in a downpour and get all wet, you don't think that wet is all you are or will ever be. Even in the rain, you keep going until the sun comes out or until you reach it. Whatever lies outside you is irrelevant to you. You are not a chameleon. Yet there is tendency to think that your surroundings at any one moment have dominance over you.

Of course, whatever puddle you find yourself in, you don't have to stay there. Yet you are the same person who walks into the puddle as comes out.

Whatever brambles you walk through, you walk through. You are not the brambles. Even scratched, you are other than brambled. Walking out of the brambles is not the making of you. You never were unmade.

Nothing is the making of you. You are already created.

You are magnificence at this very moment. You never were all the things you thought you were. All those names you called yourself were never yours. You mis-labeled yourself.

Now is the moment to remember that you came from on high. You are a visitor to this planet. You are not the planet. You are more than any planet. The planet does not make you. You on Venus are you. You on earth are you. You are what you always were, but you forgot your roots. Your roots are in Heaven.

Nothing can alter one whit of you. All that can be altered is your impression of yourself, and impressions are not lasting things.

I don't care what mistakes you have made. You are who you are. You are not all these words about yourself. You are a divine child. You are My divine child. Divine begets divine. Divine cannot create less than divine. You who are in a Human body are yet divine. The trappings are not you. Your body certainly is not you. You identify with it. You can identify with anything, so why not with the truth for once?

You have convinced yourself that untruth was truth. What you call realistic is not truth. It cannot be. Your footprints in the sand are not you. Your thumbprint is not you. You are nowhere to be found except with Me. You have no existence elsewhere. You have pretended so. You have gotten carried away in your own fantasy. Your imaginings have wreaked havoc on yourself.

Accept limitations no longer.

Accept freedom instead. It is yours. It always was. So long as you set limitations on yourself, you have not freedom. You have imprisonment. You are your own jailer. The world gave you a cell, yet you put yourself there. You have the key. You are the key. Free yourself from the dominion of accepted thought. You have accepted what is unacceptable. Accept now that you are a great seed upon earth. You have been imported from Heaven. You are not earthenware. You are the essence of Heaven. You are the bringer of earth to Heaven. Sweep earth up in your arms and bring it here.

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yet divine

Suddenly troubled so deeply, I hit the Generator, desperately hoping to hear ... yes, precisely this. How reassuring to know that some connection seems to be there.

But how tenacious, this belief that wet is all [I am] or will ever be. The difference now, as compared to then, is in the certainty that there is one reliable source of truth in the world. You don't have to understand everything or even anything. You know truth by its feel. So you walk, feeling wet or grimy or whatever, believing you will find the sun or not believing it – no matter, you walk. You walk in worship of truth. Sometimes it seems that is all you can do, following that one voice in the world that does not lie or brainwash, manipulate, deceive and mislead.

Oh yes, the cell ... the names I called myself – it turns out to be much crazier than I thought was possible.